AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

This is for colored LED’s in the AC vents, i used two colors blue and green and it is controlled by a switch one way for blue and the other way for green

16-Colored LED’s (Ebay or Dooly[])
2 way switch (home depot)
wiring i used sold wire dont know what guage (Home Depot)
soldering iron (Radio Shack)
heat wrap
Wire Connector (the things you twist)
hot glue
flash light

take out 4 led’s notice that one wire is longer than the other the longer wire is positive
cut the negative wire so it is long enough to solder to a wire but not to long
cut about 2-3inches of wire
solder together, i found that it is best to hold the wire with the pliers and hold the led and apply solder
as soon as you have a good joint cut a piece of heat shrink, enough to cover the bare wire
heat and let shrink
cut another piece of shrink wrap and place on wire do not heat yet
cut positive side of new LED and repeat the process (soldier LED to wire and heat shrink wrap)
repeat this so that you have 4 LEDs do not cut the positive on the first LED or the negative on the last LED

Repeat that for 3 more times

now take out the glove box, remove the two bolts at the bottom with a 10mm wrench and remove the three screws inside the glove box along the top
looking under your dash with the glove box removed you are able to see the air duct, its black and has a waffle pattern on it
measure a piece of wire from the ac vent to where you want to put your switch (i put mine on the lower left of the steering wheel)
24bf20ad779c93a1248ae526046bd052  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED
now solder the piece you just cut to the positive side of your 4 LED’s (you may want to color this red so you do not forget it is positive)
apply heat shrink
now cut a piece of wire long enough to ground the LED’s, i used a screw holding the metal that glove box attaches to (you may want to color this black so you do not forget)
solder to LED’s and apply heat shrink
test your lights to make sure they work(i tested mine by touching the positive on the cigarette lighter and the location i am going to ground it), if they do not then make sure all the lights are connected correctly you connect them negative to positive so that the electricity flows, check your grounding location, and your soldering connection

use a drill bit that is about the same size as your LED and drill 4 holes as close as you can to the opening of the air duct (so you can see it better)
now try to position the LEDs so that they all fit in the holes you just drilled *be careful if you bend the lights to much you might break the wire i did this twice*
when you have them in place use some hot glue (you may have a better alternative to hot glue but this is what i used)
as soon as they are glued connect the negative to your grounding location
move the positive wire to where your switch is (i straightened my wire out and fed it through the center so that it came out under my steering wheel)
now you can put the glove box back on

now remove the center console (plastic around shifter and the plastic around the AC and stereo)

2ce43faad11adf8628672a16b1fce9ac  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

c351b1575cb1958362ebda962d57d4d8  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

cf89e2199fc08ccd87167ee6e5f4c8f8  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

now you can see two air vents here at the top
measure the length of the positive and negative wire (i grounded mine to the stereo bolts)
solder the wires on to your 4 piece LED you made remember to keep the charges (positive and negitive) correct
test to make sure they work
repeat for both air vents
now drill 4 holes in each air vent as close as possible to the opening (remember that the clock and plastic has to go back in so do not have your wires get in the way of that,)
position the LED’s and glue in
attach negative to your grounding location
wire positive through car to location of switch
repeat for both LED’s
now you can put the AC plastic back in but not the plastic around the shifter

now take off the plastic under the steering wheel, there are two 10mm bolts at the bottom
it may help to take off the metal bracket, do this by removing the two 10mm bolts

10ffdfa34ece5f0160722ae4ba09a124  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

4d4023933b9a0a87b5c77b69cc8de092  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

now this air duct is hard to see you have to place the LED’s further back from the mouth
position yourself so that you can see under the dash of your car use a flashlight if you cannot see it
cut the correct amount of wire for negative and positive (i used the metal bracket as the ground)
solder and heat shrink the wires
now drill 4 holes in the air duct and position the LED’s so they go in the holes
put the led’s in there and glue
reattach the metal bracket and make sure that you ground the wire to it (if thats your grounding location)
if your switch is going in under you steering wheel you should have 4 wire there,
for me 4 wires would not all fit around my switch terminal so i used one 3 inch piece of wire and attached it to the switch terminal, i then used the twist wire connector and twisted all 5 wires together (the 3inch piece, and the 4 lights)
to get power for the lights i attached a wire to the power terminal on the switch and fed the wire through the center to the cigarette lighter, i unscrewed the small bolt on the back and clamped it down on the wire and then tightened it

2c77af02dba664172656d3ca1bf84c0c  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

back of switch

now test your lights they should come on when you have the key in on

0c1b3b442864057b96cbae1b7c984f19  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED
b8a5834006a9cb414a30368abba4029c  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED
b22b8fb865f9d66389cfe22291b058e3  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket”>

Green (alot brighter and true green, looks funny on my cell)
1742dc858fbde7d11bae6a0c5e40b126  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED
b57e24713473f71592e8721fac1376e4  AC Vent Blue/ Green LED

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