adjustable clutch pedal stop

This mod will:

Remove some dead travel in the clutch pedal
Make clutching more efficient
Not lower or raise the height of the clutch pedal
Allow the clutch safety switch to operate normally
Allow for quicker clutch engagement

The parts:
1-1/4″ flat top bolt
2- nuts
1-lock washer
plasti-dip, felt pads, etc. (optional)

1/4 drill bit


The top of the bolt which will act as the striking face for the clutch saftey switch. You can dip the head in plasti-dip to eliminate any metal on metal sounds when clutching.


1)There’s a tab on the clutch pedal that engages the clutch safty switch when depressed. Take the drill and make a 1/4″ hole in the center of the tab.

2)Place a nut on the bolt and insert it through the hole, flat side toward the switch.

3)Add the washer, lock washer, and second nut to the free end of the bolt. Now you can adjust the bolt longer~shoter to take out some slack and tighten the nuts to set the adjustment.


1)Start car, keep clutch and brake depresed. Check to ensure shifter will move through all positions.

2)If you feel resistance stop the car and adjust the clutch stop shorter. Continue with the first two steps until the shifter will move into all positions.

*I add a little extra slack after this point to ensure that no parts are rubbing when the clutch is fully depressed.

3)Test drive and make sure there is no grinding. If you experience any grinding shorten clutch stop and re-test.

4)Test drive at speed. Make sure there isn’t any grinding when shifting at redline. If you experience any grinding shorten clutch stop and re-test.



I found some nice self adhesive felt pads for $.88 at walmart. They are an assortment and a few fit the top of the clutch stop bolt perfectly. They are used to get rid of any metal on metal contact and prevent wear.

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