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This is the writeup for the installation of the Celica OEM replacement wing which is available from APR.
After researching dozens of different wings, Jack decided on getting the APR wing. This wing will not only give the acthic look he is looking for, but will also increase downforce at high speeds (theoretically).
The wing did not come preassembled, but looking at the directions made it seem very easy for anyone that could put together a lego set could do. After laying out all the nessessary parts, we started.
The first step was removing the stock wing. Since this APR wing bolts directly to the OEM holes, it does not require any modification of any sort, which was a big plus when Jack was deciding on the wing to get.
After removing the cliped on plastic panel, we noticed 4 main bolt holding on the OEM wing. These seemed pretty easy to remove. One word of caution when removing these bolts, be carefull, becuase they can easyly fall into the empty area of the wing. Also, remember to use deep socketed wrenches. They are a must when bolting on the APR wing.
After removing all the components of the OEM wing, the mounting hardware for the APR wing gets installed. The kit comes with a threaded bolt with no top on it to put into the “legs” of the wing. Make sure not to put the allen wrench side into the legs. It makes the installation harder and does not get completed correctly. These components get installed fairly easly with a deep socketed 10mm wrench and double tape (which is supplied by the kit). When doing this part of the installation, the washer installation becomes very tedious. Since you are installing the bolt and washer when the rear hatch is open, a steady hand is greatly needed hear, otherwise the washer will fall everytime. We pealed off a bit of sticky stuff from the dynamat and used that to secure the washer for installation.
Once the the legs are installed the main component of the wing is bolted in place. Very easy installation, but requires an extra set of hands, especially when installing this main componet.
Here are some pictures of the install..

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