Auto Meter Shift Light

This has got to be one of the easiest and neatest mods I have done yet in my Celica. The light is set in my car to come on at 8000rpms so it gives you just enough time to react and shift before the 8200rpm limiter. This is just a basic set of instructions on how-to install the shift-lite and what you need to make her work right…

Parts Needed
Auto Meter Shift-Lite Part# ATM-5340
Auto Meter Shift-Lite Pills Part# ATM-5358
First off you should decipher where you want to mount the light inside of the car.. I have mounted mine to the A-pillar so i can have it in my eyesight at all times and it fits really well, this install will consist of how to mount the shift-lite to the A-Pillar.
f1271feb33b149ac75651a314309653a  Auto Meter Shift Light
1) Hold the shift-lite in place and mark out the spot for where you will screw it in
2) Remove the plastic piece from the A-pillar
3) Drill 2 holes approximately 1/4″ from each other, one for the screw to hold the light and another to tuck the 3 wires through
4) Screw the shift-lite into place and pull the wires through the 2nd whole
5) Remove the lower dash piece so you can run the wires
6) Put the plastic piece back onto the A-Pillar and pull the wires down into the dash
By now you should have your shift-lite mounted to the A-Pillar and looking nice. Here are some pics so far (click on the pics for larger images)…
7) Basic rundown of the wiring /td>
- The Red wire goes to a Switched 12v+ such as the power wire behind your clock, or your lighter, or any switchable fuze in the fuze box
- The Black wire goes to a ground which I mounted where I removed the lower dash piece
- The Green wire goes to the ECU (more explanation below)
I didnt take any pictures of removing the lower dash panel or running the power & ground wires.. im hoping this is pretty much common sense to anyone trying to do the install themselves.. just run the red to power and black to ground.. its that simple.. then once this is done you can put the lower dash panel back on.
The Green wire goes into the ECU, specifically into Control Module B on pin 27. The ECU is located in the engine bay under the plastic top that says (Do Not Remove). The wire you are connecting it to is brown with a white stripe, here is a picture of this location. The picture is kind of blurry but you can tell where I have spliced the green wire into the brown wire with the white stripe.. this is your tach wire which tells the light when to come on…
4b2657c6b2751e280b8e66d4f4b58234  Auto Meter Shift Light
8) The last thing you need to do is put the correct pill module into the shift-lite to set it to a certain RPM to come on.. unfortunately my kit came with a pill for 3,000RPM’s so I had to suffer for a couple days until I was able to get my 8,000RPM pill which came in a kit #5358 from Auto Meter.
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