Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

Materials: Socket wrench 10mm or 12 don’t remember at the moment. Electrical tape. Small stainless steel filter from autozone. Metal hose clamps (made everything uniform).

NOTE: Pictures are after the instruction that they go with. Also all pictures are taken after the intake was installed on my car, therefore you will not have step by step pictures.

1. Disconnect the stock air box (hoses and all) there is a sensor that is only attached by a screw with two hoses (one has a green knob looking thing on it) attached that runs up and back to the rear or the car. Remove the whole bracket from the box, and remove only the box.

2. There is a hose that runs from the intake manifold to the underside of the air box and then into a sensor. Disconnect the sensor and all hoses connected to it. Pull the hose mentioned earlier off of the intake manifold.

3. Where the hose was pulled off the intake manifold there will be a nipple, this needs to be clogged! Use the silicone plug that was provided with the kit.

fe2a53a5c1c8c45e0f5f5e1de89375a4  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

4. Now connect the intake to the intake manifold. I am not going to go into detail about this because it should be common since. What I will tell you is that the rubber hose you are given is shorter on one side of the bend and longer on the other. The short side is the side that connects to the intake manifold.

d14b594efc9350c73503b2dc5e63955b  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

5. Once you have everything bolted on you should have a few things hanging loose around the intake. One of these should be two hoses that run into a sensor that have a metal bracket attached. Take the bracket and bend it to a 90 degree angle and slide it underneath the metal band on the intake hose.

3bce67f96b2275ee7c4940b1412b5a3a  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

6. Something else you will have hanging loose is the hose coming from the charcoal canister (about one inch in diameter). What I did as you can see is put a small stainless steel filter on it and mounted it on top of the intake with a zip tie (or anywhere else you would like it).

60b47e3009a44d6cc82d223ddd51b9fd  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

52594d34f5e4fb6af1f8c91a7ca9e75a  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install

7. The last thing that should be still hanging loose is the harness of the sensor that you disconnected from the bottom of the air box. All you have to do is secure it somewhere and use electrical tape and tape the end up. I taped it to the MAF sensor wiring.

8. Start up your car and listen for any vacuum leaks. If you hear one check the nipple that was plugged earlier.

9. Everything should work fine, if the check engine light comes on get it checked out if it has to do with the intake you should be able to fix it easily. Problems I had included vacuum a leak, the charcoal canister hose (which I fixed by putting the small filter on it). Any other problems send me a message I might be able to help.

a75e1e60847b1ca8d058463ea115de9f  Blitz SUS Core Type SRI (GT or GT-S) Install


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