B&M Short Shifter

Tools Needed Parts Included Installation
Step 1: Remove Shift Knob (Turn counter clockwise)
Step 2: Remove shifter boot. lift up from inside the boot and pull up gently. disconnect cigerette lighter.
Step 3: Remove the little white spacer.
Step 4: Remove 2 screws. 1 per side.
Step 5: Remove the window switch. Take out the 2 screws.

Step 6: Disconnect it and put to the side.
Step 7: Open arm rest box and take out the bottom carpet. you will see 2 bolts. 10mm socket

Step 8: Slide seats back and you will see 2 screws, one per side. remove them.

Step 9: Take out console. lift up the back and slide out. you need to remove the metal bar going across the handbrake.
Step 10: With a punch and hammer, drive out the roll pin. hit it a few times.
Step 11: Then grab it with the pliers. Don’t worry if you damage it ,you have a new one.

Step 12: Take the flat head screw driver and remove the C-clip above the wires. You have a new one also.

Step 13: Pull off the cotter pin from shift linkage.

Step 14: Pull off the shift linkage and washer.

Step 15: Remove the shifter assembly. set it aside

Step 16: lift up on the white shifter cap. remove the plastic ring with the black rubber on it.

Step 17: Remove the clip undernethe the shifter. pull the sides downward. push down on the shifter linkage.

Step 18: Remove the shifter. Just pull up on it.

Step 19: Remove the 4 bolts on each corner.

Step 20: Remove the little white cap on the stock shifter. use pliers, don’t scratch it.
Step 21: slide the B&M blue bushing under the base. If you have kumosport bushing remove them now.
Step 22: Put in the new bolts and washers that came with the kit. tighten them up.

Step 23: Grease up the new shifter Balls. grease her up good

Step 24: Put the little white caps back on the ends. if you have a vise, use it. hit them on with a hammer. If not put the shifter down and hit them on.

Step 25: Grease up the big blue ball.

Step 26: Now slide it in the hole untill it can’t go in no more.

Step 27: Put the linkage back on the bottom and put the clip back on. this is very tricky. the clip is upside down in the picture. It works either way.
Step 28: Put the ring with the black rubber back on the shifter.

Step 29: Put the white cap on.

Step 30: Slide the shifter linkage back on. Make sure the shifter springs are in the correct spot.

Step 31: Put the new roll pin in. Hit it with a hammer untill it’s flush.

Step 32: Put the clip back on the shifter linkage.

Step 33: Push the linkage over the white ball.

Step 34: Put the new C-clip on. use pliersand snap it on.

Step 35: Look At your hard work. test it and make sure it goes into every gear. Step 36: Reasemble the console. just reverse the order from above. either use the stock knob or B&M’s knob. Before & After


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