Cabin Filter

his simple mod will get you cleaner air for you to inhale inside your Celica. It will also reduce the dust and grim build up inside also.

As you may not already know, the Celica comes with an air filter holder behind the glove box but does have a filter installed inside. You can go buy a filter to put in the holder but it will cost you $$$ from Toyota. It’s the same size as the one used in the Toyota Solara. I read that it’s about $70 CND for the pollen/HEPA version. Way to much money IMHO.

Things you need to make your own air filter:

Good pair of scissors 3M furnace air filter (buy the best you can find) $15-$20

I found my filter at Candian Tire for about $17. Buy the largest size since it’s the same price as the smaller sizes. You have enough material for about 4 filter changes. This works out to about only $5 per filter! The manufacturer claims it takes out 99.9% of all airborne particles including smoke particles. That sounds good!


1. Drop the glove compartment down by taking the plastic knobs off inside the box. They are located near the bottom and sides of the glove compartment.

2. Remove the filter holder behind the opening.

3. Cut the furnace filter so it will fit inside the holder. I used 2 layers to make it filter better. Make sure the metal mesh is on the bottom. The air flows from the top to the bottom. The picture below shows the filter upside down from the bottom. Try to make a good fit without any space on the sides where air can sneak past.

The air flow direction should flow as directed by the filter manufacturer. Remember the air flows from the top to the bottom in the Celica.

4. Install filter hold back inside the Celica and put the glove box together. You are done.

The air flow will be slightly less than before because of the added filter. On the plus side, the blower noise is greatly reduced!

I have no more runny noses and ichy eyes due to pollen when I’m driving my Celica now. A worthy mod to do indeed!

Here is a pic of the filter after a couple months

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