Clear Corners Install

Tools Required:
Clear Corner Lenses
5/16th Socket
This is a really easy install… All you have to do is pull back the plastic in the wheel well, reach behind the plastic and find the nuts holding the stock lense in place. Use the 5/16th socket to take the stock lense off, then replace it with the clear one and put the bolt back on. Real hard huh
Here are some pics

0a53680fd06fb92186e70ee78169c56c  Clear Corners Install
you can see where to remove the bolts in this pic

48eaac1f2bb36c914f29af151035aa45  Clear Corners Install
pic with no corner lense in place, you can see the bulb now

ee0a58a7f5c1ddde175fc2ee3b09ff29  Clear Corners Install
final product with Kaminari front bumper and APC euro corner lenses


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