Clock Color Change Guide

Improved Clock Color Change Mod

Most people are unhappy with your current clock color. 00-02 clocks can do the filter trick in the installs but it will be very dim during the day and pretty dim at night. Those with 03-05 clocks are stuck with either orange or red because the lens is orange. So here is what i did. I took off the whole lends from the front of the clock. The lense is held in by 4 pegs of plastic that just need to be dremmeld out to get the lens off. Now u will have a light green lcd with a nice looking black surround. So u can now do the filter trick.

This is the clock when out of the housing

now unscrew the 3 small screws in the back. They are very tiny so may need glasses screwdriver to get them out:

Use a dremmel or small drill. There are 4 pegs in the back that are expanded plastic. To get these out, drill the plastic out of it until its loose. The 2 in the middle are deep in, therefore hard to get to. Get a long bit do get it out. Try not to dril to deep so to keep the lense intact, and keep the black plastic housing intact. Also be carefull with the clock itsef.

Once you get the lense out it should look like this (without the hole in the center. That was my first attempt to brighten the lense up
You dont need this anymore but can keep it and glue it back on later if u dont like how the clock looks
Now this part you need ot use whatever celophane colors u need ot make the color u want. The actual clock is a light green color. To get a nice bright blue use 1 purple filter and 2 blue filters.

Simply cut the filters and place as shown here:

Now put everyhting back together and it should look something like this:

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I have found that practically any color can be had using the green clock. It’s just a matter of combining the correct combination of filters to achieve the desired shading. The key matching the blue of the cluster and radio LEDs is filtering out the green light using a purple filter. This will give the clock a light blue illumination. To get a medium blue illumination, layer a blue filter over the purple filter. Many folks have tried using just blue filters which results in either a teal blue or an extremely dim blue display. The clock can even be made to illuminate white if you wish by using multiple layers of pink film. Cellophane wrapping film can be used for the filters and is available at craft or party supply stores for a whopping $1.00 per roll so start saving your dough for this one. LOL
Below is a reference pic showing some relative shadings and the filters used:

This plug is the one on the clock. Disconnect this wire if you want the clock at full brightness at all times.
PS: Sorry for the crappy pic quality. When saving them from a word doc i lost hte origonal pics and they turned out like these

Also i cannot take full credit as somone did the filter writeup a long while back on another site.


I eventually covered the opening with a Kenny Heiser carbon fiber Clock face (no longer available) but you can make something similar

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