Detailed Dash Removal Guide

Detailed Dash Removal Guide

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1) first step is to remove the center console…this is simple and there are detailed guides on this already…then remove the center piece that is shown above…remove the screws shown above as well as other vary obvious ones underneath the center console…THERE ARE TWO BOLTS LOCATED UNDER THE CARPET IN THE ARMREST BOX…

2) remove all the lower panels on both passenger and driver sides…these bolts are pretty straight forward…note: the hood opening device needs to be removed; if you lift it up as if to pop the hood you will see two screws

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3) after you have the lower panels removed you should remove the ac controls; there are 3 metal wires that run from the ac controls…two to the drivers side and one to the passenger side…pop them out of the holders (a clamp like device) and then slide the end of it off of the plastic rod it is located on here (above are pictures; first two pics are drivers side)

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4) then remove the ac controls by popping it out of the dash….its held in by two visible clamps one on the right and one on the left….disconnect the corresponding wire plugs and pull it out completely …then remove the four bolts holding the stereo to the dash and its corresponding wire connections…

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5) on the drivers side remove two bolts connecting the metal plate shown above

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6) remove the light sensor that is located at the very front of the dash close to the heat shield…simply unclip the wire connector

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7) remove all screws holding wires to the the dash…also if you have a security system it will look like the thing circled in red above…merely remove the foam that is table to the connecters and underneath there are two wire connectors one is blue and one is yellow…simply unclip these

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7) remove the bolt shown above

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8) unclip but don’t unscrew the two things shown above

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9) there is a bolt holding the wires to the dash….remove bolt by putting the screw driver through the top hold as circled above….


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10) remove the bolts shown above

NOTE: there is one bolt holding the wiring harness to the dash that is not photographed because its impossible to get the camera in to take a picture of …it is right beside the radio behind the dash on the passenger side…this was the hardest screw for me to remove (I didn’t even bother put it back on when I reassembled the dash)

11) Remove the airbag: disconnect the battery and wait a minute…the airbag is held on by a 12mm bolt in the front (very easy to see) and you need to remove two nuts, one on each side of the airbag

12) remove 4 bolts holding the dash on; two on each side that are hidden underneath bolt covers (the covers can be popped off with a screw driver) if you open the door you will see two bolt covers on the left and two on the right (similar to the ones on the door panels)

13) remove the speedometer (no pictures) guides already online; but in short the black plastic is held in by two screws in the top and then the speedometer itself I held on by three highly visible screws

14) remove the nut behind the speedometer as pictured below

6ada1f10b10543c7a6e09ee8971283b4  Detailed Dash Removal Guide

15) by now all bolts, screws and nuts holding the dash to wires or the steel frame will have been removed….next and final step is to remove the wires from the plastic clips that are holding them to the dash….in the pic above behind the speedometer are two of these clips…use two flathead screw drivers to unclip each one of these; on the top pull the clip towards you while pulling down from underneath on the plastic strap…do this to both

c61279d12088283cd56e08681e1488ef  Detailed Dash Removal Guide

16) under the airbag there are two clips similar to the ones above…but to remove these push down on the top of them and push them toward the engine bay (these are much simpler to remove than the ones before)

17) also on the right side of the airbag underneath there is another clip shown below to remove than the ones before)

18) also on the right side of the airbag underneath there is another clip shown in the pic below, just pull it down with a flathead and it comes off real easy

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19) the final two clips are located behind the dash toward the upper part of the center console (one on each side) (above is a pic of the passenger side) push the button on the clip toward the center of the dash (ie to the left for the pass side and the right for the drivers side) this will allow you to pop the clips loose from the dash

70462fa14480b231d344cd3206c03580  Detailed Dash Removal Guide

20) then just pull the dash off…I got it out with out taking the steering wheel off but I did remove the black plastic that surrounds the ignition (held together by two visible screws) and then I removed the windshield wiper controls and blinker controls by simply pushing a flathead in place pictured above and popping it out.

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