DRL/Auto-On One-Wire Disable

Sick of seeing those DRLs everytime you drive by a glass-front store? Want to be able to

turn your lights down to parking lights whenever you feel like it? HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

1. Remove your shift knob by twisting counter-clockwise.

2. Pull straight up on the plastic section surrounding the shift boot, freeing it from its clips.

3. Either unhook the cigarette lighter wiring for easier access, or simply push the shift boot assembly


You should have something that looks like this:
0a6f4baa99689987142972e99f59381d  DRL/Auto-On One-Wire Disable
4. Disconnect the B6 connector from the Body ECU. B6 is the connector on top pointed to by the blue arrow.

5. The wire you want to disconnect is Pin #17. In the picture below, it happens to be the cut wire.

With the clip of the connector facing away from you, Pin #14 is the lower right wire (blue with black stripe). If you count toward the left, Pin #17 is the yellow with green striped wire.
0468225dd50351bb2ae7f35ffaa9720c  DRL/Auto-On One-Wire Disable
6. At your discretion, you can simply cut the wire as I did or you can work to pull the pin from the connector housing.

I played with this for some time and could not figure how to remove the pin without damaging it or the connector.

7. Plug the connector back in, reinstall the shift boot and surround, and enjoy full use of your headlights and NO DRLs!!!


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