drum to disc conversion

this write up is only for non-abs.

tools: rachet and sockets 10, 12, 14, vice grips, open end 10mm, rubber mallet, jack.

list of parts:

GTS rotors, brake assembly with e-brake cable (everything from the knuckle forward, see picture below), calipers with brake line, 8 new bolts size M10-1.25mm X 40mm.

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to begin, i suggest you use a lift, but i just jacked the car up.

1. remove tire
2. remove the 4 bolts holding your drums to the knuckle. (pics below are where the 4 bolts are located on the back of the knuckle, and what it should look like after you knock the drum off, with a rubber mallet.)

d07e0128746a774f4ae9430606f58628  drum to disc conversion

ec369ef62ccb4615934dc96264a8f304  drum to disc conversion

3. remove brake line.
4. bolt up the new assembly with the new bolts. it matches up on the knuckle,you just need longer bolts to secure it.
5. put on caliper, and connect brake line to the caliper. pic below for location.

c1a71e487a56e77fc1126325ac29b735  drum to disc conversion

6. time to get under the car. follow the old e-brake cables and remove the bolts in order from back to front. this is why i think you should be on a lift. you have to remove the first heat shield. easy to do if you loosen up the exhaust, but i just yanked on it.
7. now feed the new e-brake cable where the old one was, but don’t bolt it down. it will easier to re-attach it with the extra play.
8. once both e-brakes are attached, bolt the lines down front to back.
9. replace heat shield and exhaust.
10. bleed brakes and tighten down cable.

15ab470e8e50403d73c2408b8d3857a8  drum to disc conversion

11. put your wheels back on, duh.

8067467237dea4359a9db3d5ea000aff  drum to disc conversion

whole installation took about 2 hours. with a lift, maybe an hour. i got all the parts for about 250 shipped, but i really got a great deal. they usaully run about 300 to 350. also i suggest you change the pads and shoes, and if you got the cash put some nice rotors on.

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