Grease shift link and Clutch…

hey guys I know some of you guys have read that I was having problems with what was thought to be my throw out bearing. After following the advice of trying to grease the shift link and that square piece (clutch related forgot what it is), the problem has gone away. I know some other people were wondering how to do it so i figured i’d write something for those who are 1/2 mech. challenged. This is what I did so don’t come kill me if this doesn’t work or something goes wrong. Kinda like a disclaim.

Flat Head
10 mm Socket & Wratchet
White Lithium Grease

Step 1:
Jack up car and remove plastic panel under the car

Step 2:
Locate the shift linkage and the square piece (clutch piece). It is the two circled in the pic. If you want to be sure, have someone put the car into gear and also step the clutch to see that those are the two parts that move.

Step 3:
Pull back the rubber boot

Step 4:
Put safety glasses (optional) on because if i wasn’t wearing them, the grease would have gone into my eyes. Spray inside of the two parts. I loaded mines in there until it start to come out and drip.

Step 5:
Put back rubber pieces and plasics. Drop car down.

Mines didn’t work right away. It took me 3 days before the sqeaking stopped. So don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. Good luck

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