Grillcraft Grill Install

Tools Required:
Grillcraft Grill
Included Hardware
Phillips Head Screw Driver
This is a really easy install… All you have to do is drill 3 holes on the front lip and sides, place the grill in place and screw it in.. hard huh?? well its a little time consuming and you have to line up the holes right so here it is in a little better detail..
Here are some pics

You can see by these pictures where we drilled the holes to mount the grill. What I did was put the grill into place, lay under the front lip of the car and use a punch to mark where I was going to be drilling the holes.. Once all the holes were marked we removed the grill and drilled the holes.
617ae75238ffa250ea62b6b67ee84a08  Grillcraft Grill Install

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Now that the holes were there we put the grill back into place. I laid under the bumper once again and put the screws into the holes, now the fun part. You can use a Phillips head screw driver but I wanted to use the big drill to make it easier, it was a little difficult moving that big drill under the bumper and what not but it can be accomplished. I started the screws through the holes and attached the nuts to the back of the screws and finished screwing it in. I know there is a little more to it than this but its all really self explanitory.. If you have any questions on how to install it that I didnt cover feel free to ask me via email at
Here are some pics of the before and after

40831ed310728c71b283bc0a6ab05fa9  Grillcraft Grill Install

1052acd61045c1d33bc11781f6aa6be5  Grillcraft Grill Install

cf81af6c248d1700ce05180b3fa59122  Grillcraft Grill Install

9243ba6f88542c5872faf320633ec9cd  Grillcraft Grill Install


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