ground wire kit install

Things to have:
Socket wrench
10mm and 14mm sockets
socket extension (not needed but VERY useful)

First, disconnect both battery terminals and remove the battery. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the two bolts holding down the engine cover(red arrows). Remove the passenger side plastic cover.

I found it easier to work in reverse order of what every one else has posted. Ground the 23” one first. I grounded it under the windshield fluid mount. It’s easier than the power steering. 10mm bolt.

The bolt for the next point is too big to fit through the connectors. So you need to cut them and bend them out. You need to do this to one end on both the 23” and the 22”

Bolt them on. 14mm bolt.

Then bolt on the right engine block, the tranny, and the ground. Leave the battery for last. 10mm bolt.

A closer look at the right side of the engine block

Tranny bolt.

The end point on the side of the engine bay. This is next to where the stock airbox is.

After that put everything back together and you’re set.

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