GT and GTS Differences

140 bhp
125 lb/ft torque
1ZZ-FE vvt-i engine (variable valve timing with intelligence)
ZZ230 chassis
uses regular gasoline
4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual
Front disc, rear drum brakes.
15″ steel wheel with hubcaps standard, 15″ alloy rim optional
All season tires
6 speaker system standard (this was a JBL system in 03 and 04 celicas – thanks CeliGrl)
cloth interior standard
standard steering wheel and shifter
Power windows, doors and cruise control optional
no fog lights, if you get the spoiler you will get foggies
curb weight lbs. (manual/automatic) = 2,425/2,460
estimated city/highway mileage manual = 27/33
estimated city/highway mileage automatic = 29/36
regular pedals

180 bhp
130 lb/ft torque
2ZZ-GE vvtl-i engine (variable valve timing with lift and intelligence)
ZZT231 chassis
uses premium gasoline
4 speed automatic with Sport Shift or 6 speed manual
Front and rear disc brakes.
15″ alloy rim standard, 16″ alloy rim optional
Performance tires
6 speaker system standard, 8 speaker system optional, 6 disc changer optional (this was a JBL system in 03 and 04 celicas – thanks CeliGrl)
cloth interior standard, leather optional
leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter standard
Power windows, doors and cruise control standard
fog lights standard, spoiler optional
curb weight lbs. (manual/automatic) = 2,500/2,580
estimated city/highway mileage manual = 24/33
estimated city/highway mileage automatic = 25/31
drilled aluminum sport pedals

Options for both:
TRD/Action package (fog lamps are included in the TRD kit for the GT)
keyless entry
moon roof
cruise control
driver and passenger seat mounted side airbags
Cold Area Package (heavy duty battery and starter motor, rear wiper)
H.I.D. headlights for 2003+ celicas (thanks CeliGrl)

Standard for both:
driver and passenger front airbags
donut spare
slightly tinted glass

-From what we have heard: 2000 and 2001 celicas had lots of problems with people misshifting and bending valves so Toyota decided they didn’t want to warranty engines and valves anymore and called it drivers error and lowered the rev limiter on the 2002 model. When people complained about the loss of power and the shortened power band, Toyota went back to the original rev limit on the 2003 and 2004 models but just changed the shift gates to wider ones and issued a T.S.B. for the shift gates for the 2000 and 2001.

- The revlimiter (governer) on the 2002 celicas is set at about 7,300 rpms. the others are all about 8,300 rpms.
“The only way to change the 2002 is to do a ECU swap with a 2001 or 2003. Along with changing the ECU you will need the knock sensor swapped out as well.” – Thanks to GunnyPapa.

What is VVTL-i?
“The VVT-i portion of the system continuously varies intake valve timing throughout the rev range by hydraulically rotating the camshaft relative to its drive gear. Note that VVT (without the “i”) did not do this continuously. The VVL portion of the system is similar to Honda’s VTEC system, incorporating two distinct cam profiles. However, the actual mechanism is quite different. Both cam lobes operate a single wide rocker arm that acts on both intake or both exhaust valves. A needle-bearing roller on the arm follows the low-rpm, short-duration, low-lift lobe, forcing both valves to open and close on that profile. The roller design and roller bearings on the rocker arm pivot help to minimize valvetrain friction. The high-rpm, higher-duration, longer-lift lobe rubs on a hardened steel slipper follower mounted to the rocker arm with a spring. Even though the high-rpm lobe is pushing down further than the low-rpm lobe, the spring absorbs the extra movement. At 6000-6500rpm, the ECU sends a signal to an oil control valve at the end of the camshaft that puts oil pressure behind a lock pin in the rocker arm, sliding the pin under the spring-loaded slipper follower, locking it to the rocker arm and forcing the arm to follow the high-rpm cam profile.”

U.S. Paint codes=
Super White: 040
Black: 202
Solar Yellow: 576
Silver Streak Mica: 1E7
Absolutely Red: 3P0
Carbon Blue: 210
Spectra Blue Mica: 8M6
Zephyr Blue: 8N0
Thundercloud Gray: 1D2

European Paint Codes:
Pure White: 040
Astral Black: 202
Solar Yellow: 576
Satin Silver: 1E7
Fire Red: 3P0
Eclipse Black: 210
Reflective Blue: 8M6
Quick Silver: 1D2
Reflective Green: 6R4

Thanks to JazViper for help with the paint codes.

Bulb Sizes:
low beam: H7, 55 watt
high beam/daytime running light: 9005, 65 watt
fog light: H3, 55 watt
parking lights: 194/168, 5 watt
side markers: 194/168, 5 watt
front turn signals: 1156, 21 watt
rear turn signals: 7440, wattage unknown
dome light: 89, wattage unknown