Heat Shield Install

This is probably one of the easiest and most satisfying things you can install under your hood. This is for all the guys with short ram intakes that want to keep some of that hot air away from their filter.

Tools needed
Flat Head Screw Driver
10mm Socket and socket wrench

The first thing your going to want to do is remove your intakes filter element.
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Remove the plastic engine bay trim piece.
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With your 10mm socket and ratchet your going to remove the driver side bolt of the hood latch.
3b5b7fa00146628ade81bdec39f8ec0d  Heat Shield Install

And radiator support bolt.
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Now slowly manuever the heatshield under and around the intake tube.
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e57892547284e8bfd751924416948b99  Heat Shield Install

You may have a little trouble with one of the radiator overfill tank hoses. you can gently tuck it under and to the side and you should be fine.

Now with tighten the OEM bolts thru the heatshield on the factory locations they were removed from.
0b36823ad793e6e449aa27f59a2d81e3  Heat Shield Install

Once the bolts are tight enough, place the intake filter on the intake tub and tighten the T-clamp with the Flat-head screwdriver.
0da87aa34a5514d15224afac467592ac  Heat Shield Install

Now Step back and enjoy your work!

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6b15d142d6b389abc13850642619d789  Heat Shield Install

6d9b15d5f62a4f60f4282a4fa7165d9e  Heat Shield Install

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