HID Fog Light Guide

Materials Needed:
H.I.D. Kit
10 mm socket + Wrench
Drill + hole cutter
Electrical Tape

Estimated Install Time:
1-3 Hours depending on experience

Difficulty Level: Moderate (as long as you have all the tools)

1) Remove your front bumper.

Make sure you twist the side marker bulbs off before pulling the bumper off. Otherwise, you will yank the harness of the side markers with your bumper.

2) Unhook the harness from the fog light or that wire looking thing for those who do not know.

3) Using the 10mm socket + wrench remove the two bolts that hold each fog light in place. (4 bolts total)

4) Now go to the back of each fog light and turn counter clock wise to open the housing. It should look something like this.

5) Unclip your stock bulb out using the metal prong that holds the bulb in for both fog lights.

6) Now detach the positive (red) and negative (black) from the housing by just pulling it apart. (WTF NAM WHY IS THIS GUIDE SO LONG)

7) With everything out the way it is time to drill. I recommend you finding a hole cutter that is relatively the size of the rubber grommet that came with your H.I.D. kit. ***NOTE*** DO NOT DRILL INTO YOUR POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE WIRES! MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAR OF THE AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, make sure you get rid of any excess shavings as it might cut you during the installation.
Outcome should look something like this.

8) It is now time to install the H.I.D. bulb into your fog light housing. Be cognizant that all bulbs are easily broken and should never touch your hands or any other contaminants to ensure bulb life. Pay attention to the flat side and the rounded side when installing the bulb because it only goes in ONE WAY!

9) Use the metal prong to attempt to make it secure the bulb. It is ok if it does not fit all the way. For my bulbs, I had to use electrical tape to help secure the bulbs with the prong because my H.I.D. bulbs were a tad bit bigger.

10) Use the negative and positive wires that came with the H.I.D. kit to plug back into the fog light housing and make two holes into the rubber grommet so it can run back to the ballast.

Also, I chose to use electrical tape on the positive and negative wires just in case something gets loose.

11) Take your rubber grommet and attempt to fit it through the holes you drilled. If you haven’t done so, run the two wires from the H.I.D. bulb along with the positive and negative wires through the rubber grommet and turn the cap clockwise to close the housing.

12) I know life isn’t always perfect but hey! Silicone is made for that! I know you didn’t get a perfect hole. Seal the outer rim with some silicone to keep water and other contaminants from entering the housing. (Hang in there your almost done! Not really)

13) Grab both of your ballasts and mount them to your preference. Here are the two locations I used. It is important for you to clean the area before mounting the ballast with double sided tape to ensure maximum adhesion. Also, I used zip ties to secure the ballast just in case the tape wears out.

14) Remount your fog lights if you please and connect the hid wires accordingly.

Is what it should look like before being mounted
***at this point if you have an HID relay I would install it now! I highly recommend you install a relay to draw power from the battery because God knows what would happen to your stock harness. Luckily, Vegeta4ss custom made my harness

15) Test your H.I.D.s before putting everything back together or you’ll hate yourself for it if it doesn’t work.

16) Put front bumper back on

17) Enjoy your new fog lights.

**Street View**

**Front Shot with flash**

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