HID Install Guide

Equipment used:
1.) 10mm socket
2.) Pliers
3.) Double sided cusioned tape
4.) Picture wire or Ornament wire
5.) Electrical tape
6.) Two 25 amp Mini Fuses
After removing your front bumper, remove the headlight assembly. Here are the pics of the three screws you need to take off to remove the headlight assembly as marked with the red circles:
6342a6676f30e602b11277e9368bbfa8  HID Install Guide
Screw #1
d2460676bc76ef82d08c8b5087797494  HID Install Guide
Screw #2
507a445ce95d61b7db94ff4d71b66486  HID Install Guide
Screw #3
Before pulling out the assembly, make sure to unplug the turn signal, parking light, low beam, and high beam.
After removing the headlight assembly, remove the old bulb. Then carefully insert the HID capsule inside the projector. Make sure to match up the tab on the capsule with the slot on the projector assembly as marked with the red arrow. Here is the pic:
4c193e0a61b1fce1a56b0662583ac11a  HID Install Guide
Capsule insertion
Remove the old wire holder for the old bulbs by loosening the screw and removing it. Leave the screw there because you’ll need it to hold the new wire in place. Use the picture wire/ornament wire to hold the HID capsule in place such as in this picture:
d242aa9ffa11bad76e2ecda152273040  HID Install Guide
Lock it down
c26e2a6864427bcd25a10d3cf2de5dd0  HID Install Guide
Capsule lock down side view
Make sure to run the picture wire/ornament wire in between the electrode wire on the capsule.
Find a place to secure the balasts and the starter. The starters already has a cusioned adhesive on it. Use the double sided cusioned adhesive tape to secure the ballasts. On the passenger side, I placed the ballast behind the power steering fluid container, and the starter under the headlight assembly. On the driver side I placed both the ballast and the starter underneath the headlight assembly.Make sure to clean the area where you are placing the units to ensure proper adhesion. Here are some pictures of my ballast/starter placement.
a84248e4a97be4dd641d2b832f71cd83  HID Install Guide
Driver side placement
50c5583e670e97998f5c91cc4b04bb89  HID Install Guide
Passenger side placement
The wiring diagram provided with the kit is very simple. It is truly plug and play. When plugging in power supply wire make sure you match up red with red and black with black. After wiring your kit, plug in the high beams, turn signals, and parking light. Place your headlight assemblies back in place and resecure them with the 3 screws. Reinstall you front bumper.
Finally, you have to replace two fuses inside the fuse box. They are your headlight mini fuses. Stock they are 10 amps, but you are gonna replace them with 25 amp mini fuses. They are not included in the kit.
a815720eaf0abdb853e23ed489bc0042  HID Install Guide
Fuses to replace
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