How To Red out taillights

All that is needed for this mod is green automotive painting tape, Red Spray Paint (recommend Dupli-Color MetalCast Red Anodized, this will give a mirror reflection to the taillights while redding out), ArmorAll Protectant Spray or wipes (recomend wipes) and metric socket set.

First of all you will want to remove your taillights. DO NOT cut the plastic in the car, just remove the screws, pull off the rear center piece, where the trunk lock snaps (pull the bottom out to be about 45 degrees level with back of car and the top edge will come out, it has 45 degree bent snaprivets). After that is removed you can proceed to take off the left or right side (any order) by pulling on it after cargo net screw is removed, is held in place by snaprivets. You will not have to fully remove these panels just enough to access the third taillight nut. Then remove the 3 nuts, they are 10mm I beleive.

Once tallights are removed, take the green painters tape and mask off black plastic and backup light. (TIP: cover the back-up light with tape then scratch the paint with the back of your fingernail. This will give a crease where you can cut to give an accurate line to the clear area.)

Once you have masked the taillights you can prep for painting. Use a wet cloth and wipe the taillight clean making sure there is no debri on the taillight. Then wipe dry. DO NOT SAND THE TAILLIGHT, this is not needed for the paint to hold properly to the taillight. If you do sand it you will need a lot more work to make the taillight look clean and reflective.

Now begin spraying the taillight. When doing this do not start the spray on the taillight. Start to the side and make sure the stream is a fine mist, then swoop side to side on the taillight starting off the taillight and finishing off the taillight. Spray the whole light even break area, this will help from having two toned red taillights. ( If during spray an imperfection occurs dont worry you will fix this after last coat) I put two coats of spray on and it is a rich dark red tone but the lights shine through perfectly. Spray as many layers until the color you like is reached, but make sure to leave approx 30 min between sprays to prevent sticky look.

The spray will look dirty when wet but when it dries it will be a shiney red.

After about 30 mins after last coat remove green painters tape and proceed to clean.

After I sprayed my last coat I used Amor-All protectant wipes to wax in a circular motion, which smoothed the imperfections that may have occured during spraying. After I used the wipes I used a paper towell to dry to make sure that streaks that occured from wipes would not dry to paint.

After wiping clean you are done redding out, and you are ready to put the taillights onto the car. Just put the taillights back in slots and make sure you do not over tighten the nuts when reasembling, but that they are firmly tightened.

Supplies Needed:

Tape off Back-up light area:

Use back of nail, guitar pic, or something hard to find the crease on the backup light area. (I drew a pen mark over mine after doing it for example purposes)

Cut along line:



Light Off:

Light On:

Side by Side:

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