IAC Valve Replacement

Finally got to replace the IAC on a friend’s car, and the car idles perfectly now. Before, his car would rev from 1000-2000 RPM. It got progressively worse, and started to rev from 1000-4000. It even revved up once all the way to 6000 and held there until he pushed the gas.

The install itself isn’t really hard, just a bit tricky due to the coolant hoses, and the tight space to work in. I would definitely advise doing it when the car is cold, since coolant will come out no matter what you do.

GT-S IAC and gasket (not sure if GT’s is the same):

f740eb29ca9d25a036f592b31f0b30f4  IAC Valve Replacement

Tools For Method A:
Vise grips (2)
Small socket wrench with philips head bit

b28df74dbac136705bf0a55669b4337c  IAC Valve Replacement

Tools for Method B:
Socket wrench with 12mm socket
Philips head screwdriver

7939c4e090d4d1fe74d3f880f650d7fc  IAC Valve Replacement

IAC valve itself:

1bc79952254cb7d923974b2d97a06189  IAC Valve Replacement

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