Install guide for custom angel eyes!

Okay guys here it is the long awaited Install guide for my angel eyes…..Enjoy and I hope this clears it all up for you guys..this guide is for the single low beam angel eyes.

What you will need: Clear acrylic tape, scissors, screwdriver, oven, ratchet w/10mm socket, oven gloves, razor blade/wire stripper, electrical tape.

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 250 F

Step 2: Head outside and pop the hood on your car. You will be looking for 3 bolts to remove the headlight from the car (refer to picture) Note: it is easier to access bolts 2 and 3 with the front bumper off or unbolted on the side you are working on. Use your ratchet and 10mm socket to remove the bolts

Close up of where bolt #3 is:

Step 3: Now that you have the headlight out you will need to remove 3 screws on the back of them (refer to picture)

Step 4: Remove all the bulbs from the lights and place them in the oven for 10-12 minutes (make sure your only doing one light at a time). Just place them on the oven rack so they are seated nicely and not really leaning against the sides of the oven. Guys trust me your headlights will be fine! unless you forget about them and leave them in there for a looong time.

Step 5: Have your oven gloves on and ready (you should also have on crappy clothes since some of the headlight sealant may get on your clothes), once your timer goes off go ahead and take the lights out (be careful they will be hot!) DO NOT TURN THE OVEN OFF YET..Now this is where my style differs from other peoples, at the temp. and duration your lights were in there you should be able to just pull the lights apart so DON’T PRY them with anything, simply unclip the little hinges that connect the base to the outer cover and pull the back of the light away from the front cover, your lights should come apart quite easily..just try and pull evenly (pull on the top of the light, then the bottom, then the side, so the light comes apart evenly). Okay guys congrats you got your lights apart (see its not that big of a deal) it will look like this:

Step 6: Okay now you will need to remove the housing from the outer covering..To do so you will need to remove two screws (refer to pic) Just be careful when you are taking the housing out so you don’t snap anything, there is a little tab on top that holds it the housing down in there so focus on getting that part free first then work the rest out slowly.

Step 7: Okay now here’s what you should have in front of you. It’s pretty simple and straightforward from here. All you need to do is place the eye right along the oval, it should rest in perfectly. Now just secure it with tape in the designated areas (refer to pic). Also make sure to bend the legs of your leds a little downward so they dont get in the way of the projector.

Step 8: Now just reverse what you did to take them apart, place the housing back in the cover, replace the screws, and put the cover back on the headlight backing (black part that contains the projector and everything) making sure to feed the wiring for the angel eyes through the low beam hole. Now the lights won’t go completely back together, this is fine just push it back together best you can and then place it back in the oven for 6 minutes, making sure to coil up the angel eye wiring so it doesnt touch the oven burners. Get your mitts back on and take the lights back out of the oven after your timer goes off and push them all the way back together, then put the 3 screws back into them. You can now turn your oven off.

Step 9: Push two small holes (one for black wire, one for red) in the rubber cover that goes over the hole for the low beam and feed the wiring through the holes. Now place the cover back on and put all the bulbs back in the light.

Step 10: Now your ready to go back to the car, pop the hood again and look for the your parking light assembly (refer to picture) Once you find it simply push the wire into the power side should be a green wire. If you are unable to push into the assembly you can simply strip a small spot on that green wire with a razor blade and wrap the power (red) wiring around the stripped spot, then cover it with electrical tape.

here is another shot of what it looks like if you can push into the assembly:

And here is a pic of what it looks like if you strip the wiring and tap into it.

Step 11: Take the black wire with the resistor and ground a.k.a attach it to any metal spot in the car. I grounded mine on the drivers side to the bolt on the fuse box (pictured) and to the bolt underneath the headlight on the passenger have lots of choices for grounding so you don’t have to use my spots.

Step 12: Now just hook everything back up and rebolt your lights to the car and your good to go! Test em out by clicking your headlight knob one click forward. Enjoy guys!

(optional) Step 13: you may want to disable your daytime running lights when you have your angel eyes, it is quite easy to do, just look in the install section for disable DRL.

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