Install of ANGEL EYES headlights

10 mm socket (short extension recommended)
Leatherman multi tool (for stripping wires)
a spool of insulated electrical wire 20feet should be enough (for angel eyes)

1. remove the 10mm bolt hidden in the wheel well.. carefully pop the plastic out to see it.

then remove the four 10mm bolts that hold the bumper under the hood.

ccddfb1cd00060870f958e4e4bccc600  Install of ANGEL EYES headlights

then care fully pull the bumper by the first bolt in the wheel well so it pops out of the plastic clip inside (usuall a nice tug forward towards the front of the car and out at the same time)

then locate the three bolts that hold the light in place. one at the top one near the bolt removed that held the bumper in place at the bottom and one behind the bumper where you pulled and removed it from the clip.

then pulling from the top of the light carefully remove the light from its seated position. as you pull out the light twist and remove the blinker light and the “firefly” light (the yellow and the little white one)

232a53a4f680d0b066f7bb5249c855ee  Install of ANGEL EYES headlights

also remove the plugs for the brights and the drive lights.

pull the old light out.

then put in the new light in the same fashion replacing the four lights (brights, drive, fire fly, and turn signal)

make sure you keep a hold of the wires for the angel eyes so you can easily reach them after replacing all the bolts.

then replace ALL bolts (lights and bumper).

now ground the black wires wherever you see an unpainted bolt ( i used the ones right there near the bumper bolts).

61eba57a52819e3c110a862f0a8fcc34  Install of ANGEL EYES headlights

then i spliced the passenger side red wires together then added the wire from my spool. with a couple zip strips i ran it across the front bumper to the drivers side and spliced it to the red wires there.. then up the drivers side and in the little slit where the quarter panel meets the windshield then into the drivers side door. i used the same switch for my under dash lights ( a 12v wire that is only “hot” when the key is in and in the ignition “on” position). viola!!!

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