Grease shift link and Clutch…

hey guys I know some of you guys have read that I was having problems with what was thought to be my throw out bearing. After following the advice of trying to grease the shift link and that square piece (clutch related forgot what it is), the problem has gone away. I know some other [...]

OCV Strainer Cleaning Guide (vvt-i & vvtl-i)

The 1ZZ-FE engine in the GT has variable valve timing only, or VVT-i.
The 2ZZ-GE engine in the GT-S has variable valve timing AND lift, or VVTL-i.
Consequently GT has one OCV, GT-S has two OCVs.
First the Timing OCV:
This is its location on the head of a 2ZZ, more or less the same location on a 1ZZ.

This [...]

How to change your Oil and filter for your Celica

This is an oil change on the GTS. i dont know if the GT has difference locations or not.
First things first.. you need the goods
The brands used are my own preference. Prices are from Autozone.
- 5 Quarts of oil : Mobil 1 5W-30. Extended Performance $7.29 Each Quart
- Oil Filter: I went with [...]

IAC Valve Replacement

Finally got to replace the IAC on a friend’s car, and the car idles perfectly now. Before, his car would rev from 1000-2000 RPM. It got progressively worse, and started to rev from 1000-4000. It even revved up once all the way to 6000 and held there until he pushed the gas.
The install itself [...]