Paint Your Own Wheels

You have a few options here. You can use automotive paint or spray paint. Auto paint will look the best and be the most durable, but its also a hassle to deal with if you’re just spraying some rims – however, if you want that super-gloss finish, auto paint is the best choice. A good compromise is Rustoleum brand – they make an automotive paint product. You can get it in a can and load it into your air compressor, or use it in a spray paint container. I don’t like the spray paint as much because it doesn’t atomize it as well, and you’re liable to get runs/clumps and a gritty finish. Of course, its a fine alternative if you don’t have an air compressor and a spray gun.

Step 1 – Wash them!
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Step 2 – Dry sand them with 320 grit sandpaper, wipe all the crap off
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Step 3 – Mask and prepare (assuming the tires are still on there). This is a hell of a lot easier without tires on, in fact you can pretty much skip this step.
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Step 4 – Prime. Use long, even coats. It doesn’t have to be super thick, just enough so the next layer of paint will take. Be sure not to clump, run or splatter here, otherwise you have to sand it back down and start again. Let it dry.
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Step 5 – Wet sand. Use 600 grit waterproof paper. Soak it in a bucket for 10 minutes, then get to it. The objective here is to smooth out anymore roughness. You’ll be able to feel with your hand the difference between wet sanded and unsanded.

Step 6 – Spray. Either clear coat within 1 hour, or wait 48 hours. At this point you can wait for it to dry and wet sand again if the texture isn’t to your liking. Depending on what paint you used, it can come out gritty. You may even want to use multiple coats, depending on what kind of finish you want.
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Step 7 – Clear coat.
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It’s much easier to put index cards between wheel and tire.

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