PERFECT CAI (Hybrid Aftermarket Intake/Stock Airbox Mod)

If your car is having bogging and hesitation problems and you have an aftermarket intake (cold air or short ram), this is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Reason For Bogging/Hesitation
Aftermarket intakes use larger piping (usually 2.75″ vs stock 2.5″). This is supposed to allow more airflow, but unfortunately, our mass airflow sensor (MAFS) is tuned to read air through a 2.5″ pipe. Increasing the size of the pipe actually slows down the air speed, since our engines can only take in so much air. The lower air speed makes the MAFS think less air is coming into the engine. This results in the engine getting less gas than needed, making it run lean. This will cause the engine to bog at low RPMs, hesitate during normal driving RPMs, and reduce overall engine power output. It can even lead to check engine lights (CELs), with the code of P0171.

Reason Why This Modification Works
This modification replaces the aftermarket intake’s MAFS mount with the stock mount. The piping inside the stock mount is 2.5″, so it allows the MAFS to read the incoming air correctly and provide the engine with the proper amount of fuel. It combines the best characteristics of the stock airbox (proper airflow speed) and the aftermarket intake (low restriction airflow) to provide maximum power gain.

Will My Intake Work With This Modification?
Yes. This modification has been tested sucessfully on the AEM Gen 1 CAI/eBay CAI, the Injen short ram, and the RMM short ram. It will also work with the Injen CAI/APC Intimidator CAI, K&N CAI and short ram, and PHR CAI. As long as the intake’s pipe has a constant diameter, this mod will work. The exception may be the Iceman intake, since its diameter continually changes over the length of the intake.


Parts Required

Stock airbox
Aftermarket intake
Flathead and Philips screwdrivers
Power saw or Dremel
Pipe cutter (optional)
File (optional)
Power sander
80 grit sandpaper
600 grit wetsanding sandpaper
Spray paint
Knife or strong scissors
45 degree silicone coupler (optional)
Straight silicone coupler (optional)

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