Rear Camber/Toe Adjustment

You can adjust your Celica’s camber and toe by yourself (however, you should get a real alignment after adjusting these settings, you can never be precise enough to get it perfect). This is simply a guide to explain how the OEM alignment bolts can be adjusted.

You’ll need a basic set of sockets and at least 1 socket wrench, along with a hydraulic jack and jackstands to do this. A torque wrench is also reccomended to make sure everything is torqued back to spec.

1. Jack the car up on the rear jack point and put it onto jackstands. DO NOT just use to jack to support the car.

2. The stock alignment bolts are circled. The bolt for adjusting toe is in yellow and the camber bolt is red.

3. To adjust the alignment, loosen the lock nut in front of the gold D shaped plate, but don’t remove it from the bolt completely.

4. CAMBER: Find the other end of the bolt that you just removed the lock nut from. It ends on the other side of the upper suspension arm and the rear crossmember. You’ll have to be under the car to see it. Once you find the bolt, you can turn it freely to adjust the camber.

ADD POSITIVE CAMBER: If you lowered your car and you have too much negative camber (wheels tilted inwards like this: / \ ), turn the bolt towards the middle of the car.

This is a representation of what the D shaped plate should look like before and after you make your adjustments (looking from the rear of the car on the driver side; the passenger side will be the opposite):

The flat side of the D should be facing the middle of the car (it should look like the red drawing).

ADD NEGATIVE CAMBER: To tilt the wheels in more, turn the bolts towards the outside of the car.

5. TOE: The toe is easier to adjust than the camber. Find the end of the toe bolt and turn it back and forth to adjust the toe. You’ll be able to watch the wheel turn side to side. Adjust it until the wheel sits correctly.

6. Retorque the locknuts on both suspension arms to 55ft/lbs.

7. Lower the car to the ground and check the alignment settings. Drive around the block and recheck them to make sure nothing came loose and that they are still where you want them.

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