Rear Shock/Spring Installation

1. If you take out your tire, this bolt is what you’ll see.

yes, take the BOLT out, not the NUT. you’ll see in a sec.

2. unbolt 3 nuts from in the trunk space. you’ll need to remove all the plastic piece inside.

3. Brake Caliper is in the way, so let’s take it out to ease the installation.

I thought it was So convenient for me to put the caliper right there. :-) didn’t need any zip ties to hold up or anything, it just sits there like a bird on a power line

4. now, take the bolt out with 19mm socket and wrench. i used an extension cause i could unbolt it behind the Brake lines. i used a handle of bottle jack to elongate the wrench, and it came out with a lil bit of Spartan spirit

and here is the nut

i tried to take it out for 2 hours, but it would not come out! and this is why.
There is a locking mechanism that prevents nuts from falling off. Smart guys..

5. take out the shock/spring.

hit the bottom w/ a rubber hammer, and it pops out easily.
I SERIOUSLY RECOMMAND to get a spring compressor and take it out.
if not, spring gets in the way and it took me and my roomie about 20 min to take that out. but with spring compressor, i’m thinking it would’ve taken about 2 sec.

6. Put it in!
Mine was used, and it came with housing and stuff. so pretty much like plug & play. Again. Spring Compressor needed. I didn’ have one, so i used my bottle jack to compress it from the bottom and hit it with a hammer to fit back in.

7. Put all the nuts/bolts and you’re done!

It took me about 2 hours to do so, taking out the 19mm bolt wasn’t hard at all once i knew how to do it. Make sure you use the extension and a spring compressor, then you can install everything with in 40 min.

here’s the comparison

it doesn’t seem much, but it made quiet a difference.

I only had time to do the back after school, so that’s the only thing i did today, but i’ll make sure to do it on Thursday.

here’s the pic of my car.

yes, it is UGLY, i can’t wait till i get to install the front ones too :-)

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