Remove The Reverse Beep On Manual GT-S

Tools Needed :
Short handle #2 Phillips screw-driver
Wire Cutters
Electrical Tape
Digital Multi-meter or 12-volt testlight
How To Do It :
You will be removing the instrument cluster from your vehicle to get rid of the beeper. Your first step is to remove the dark grey trim ring. It is held in by 2 phillips screws located at the top of the piece about two inches to the right and left of center (Figure 1). You’ll need a short screw-driver to reach these screws. Once the two screws have been removed gently pull the trim piece towards you. It should pop out easily. You can now see the three screws holding the instrument cluster in place (Figure 2). Two on the bottom at either side and one at top right of center. Remove all three. Now pull the instrument cluster towards you, the steering wheel is in the way so you will have to do some twisting and turning to get it out (Figure 3). I was able to pull it far enough to the right to access the wire harnesses. There are two harnesses on the back of the cluster, a white one and a smaller light blue one (Figure 4). Remove both by pressing the clip down and pulling gently. Set aside the instrument cluster. Now look at the white harness (Figure 5). When the clip is at top you are looking for pin 21, second from the right on the bottom row. You can use a multi-meter or 12-volt test light to verify this by turning the car on and putting it into reverse. Pin 21 will go hot when the car is in reverse. For information pin 7 and 8 are ground or you can use the steering column brackets for ground. Turn the car back off. Now that you have verified that you have the right pin turn the harness over to get to the wires. Cut the wire to pin 21. This is a red with a black stripe. I covered both severed ends over with electrical tape to prevent any shorts from occuring and put everything back together (Figure 6). You’ve now gotten rid of the single most annoying thing about this vehicle.
Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 5 Figure 6
By, Phil C
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