Removing Stock Wing

For those of you who are curious on how to remove that stock wing, i have made a guide that should be easy to follow.

Tools:7/16 Socket wrench with extender, mine was attached to a screw driver type handle

Pop the hatch and look up at the trunk plastic
3fdb22b270a25939569f6154c7594abe  Removing Stock Wing

Pop out the trunk plastic by grasping the sides and edges and pulling down, you will hear pops
0709c75d531e0a2dbaf126bc1d8269b1  Removing Stock Wing

Put the plastic aside
3dbac0086dcebcd7502728728949d30a  Removing Stock Wing

It should look like this now
226158a307e045bac4901e20264e2ebb  Removing Stock Wing

Look for the holes that inhabit the screws securing the wing(you can’t miss it)
c9f0f9f1c3e27a2855a7f134f2875be2  Removing Stock Wing

Unscrew 4 nuts
ddf2d0f3e65b43d2c27f50fffcce1b9b  Removing Stock Wing

After unscrewing 4 nuts, the wing should be loose, just wiggle it and don’t pull it off too hard
7e02fc9bae2055f144586a4d7c3caa55  Removing Stock Wing

Now there should be some rivets, holes and residue from where the wing use to be
ff006433289d0fb3dcb61dbde3357a52  Removing Stock Wing

Wingless! But I had to put it back on because I don’t have the money to get the holes and nipples fixed
72067e25ee82f9927daa853f91c5e129  Removing Stock Wing
43fc11a25b2b4127ca84ec30d30ece85  Removing Stock Wing

to put it back on just do the opposite!

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