Retrofitting Foglight Tutorial

I decided to make this tutorial because I wanted to share my experience working with foglights. This tutorial will help you retrofit Yellow Lexus ES300 or IS300 foglight lenses onto your celica foglight lenses. I know the majority of you would rather purchase the overlays and not go through the hassle but I thought you might like this so you can have another way to go about getting that golden glow. *Note: I already have 2500K H3 Nokyas so mine have a nice deep golden shine to them.
Things needed:
a) Screwdriver
b) Flathead (small and large head size)
c) The tutorial on “removing your front bumper” and also on “replacing your fog lights”. They’re in the Installs Section.
d) Oven
e) Any floor tile (can get these at Home Depot or wherever). This will keep cool while you place the fog over top and don’t have to worry about the hard plastic melting on metal.
f) OVEN MITS!!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
1) Here’s what you’ll be working with:
Your regular celica foglights (2000-02 I believe)

Now next to the lexus ones. I pried them open already with a flat head.(These are going to be retrofitted onto the celica fogs):

2) Now remove the three screws holding the fog in place with the bracket. There’s one on each side and also remove the one with the spring.

You should have this now…

3) Use your flathead to remove these bronzish pieces from the fog. They can be removed easily from lifting them from the backside.

4) To get to this point, remove the plastic cover by twisting it and take off the connectors that connect to the bulb and ground next to it. Take out the bulb by pressing the metal wire forward and lifting it up to free the bulb. DO NOT TOUCH THE BULB. Now, remove these two screws so that you can take off this small metal bracket:

5) If you’re at this point you’re doing great. These are all of the pieces that need to be removed. Note* The rubber little tube needs to be removed as well. That can be found on the back of the housing of the fog. Make sure all of these are off.

**6) OVEN MITS ON!!! There is a very strong sealant holding the glass onto the plastic so what we need to do is soften it up. To do this, you need to place it in the oven for a certain period of time. I preheated mine to 300 degrees and then placed it in for about 20 minutes or so. Afterwards, I tried to take the outer glass piece off but it wouldn’t budge so I stuck it in at 400 degrees for about 10 or 15 minutes.

The floor tile is there to keep the bottom of the foglight (which is a stronger plastic) from melting on the metal bars. The tile takes longer to heat up because it’s ceramic and can withstand higher temperatures. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN TOUCH IT WITH YOUR BARE HANDS TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE OVEN. IT WILL STILL BE HOT TO THE TOUCH!

7) Once you feel it is ready to take out, place it somewhere where the heat from the tile won’t mess up your countertops. Use the small flathead to wedge in between the glass and the plastic piece like so:

When you find a good spot, carefully try to pry it open and don’t be too forceful.
This should be the outcome:

~I know you’ll do slight damage to the plastic so if you’re concerned, purchase some sealant from your local auto store or wherever.~
8) Now look closely… You’ll see another metal bracket but this one holds in the actual lens. Remove the two screws to access the lens and take the lens out (oven mits still on!).

Now replace it with the Lexus Yellow lens like so:

Make sure to screw the screws in tightly so the lenses won’t move.

9) Place the outer glass case back onto the plastic from where you removed it and place it back into the oven to heat up the sealant again. This should help it seal back up again. Now take it out (with oven mits) and check out your new lexus/celica retrofitted fogs!!!

10) Now when your fogs are cooled down, do steps 5 to 1 in reverse and you’ll be set to follow the Installs Section Tutorials.
Here’s my final product:

~Thanks again to Catric69 for supplying me with these lenses and helping me out!~

Remember, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU (YES YOU!!!) DO TO YOUR OWN STUFF!! Just like you’re not responsible for what I do with mine.


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