Seat Heaters Installed

So I’m a huge fan of seat heaters, and was disappointed to find that they were not an option on the Celica, and as far as I know no one had attempted an aftermarket install. So as a post-Thanksgiving project, I decided to install a pair of my own, just in time for the cold weather.

The seat heater kit I got came from They seem to be very high OEM-quality, with clean, two-level switches. A set of two cost $180 (enough for both front seats).

Here’s an overview of what we did for the install:

Remove front seats (4 bolts):

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83cd9ed0d09f8849a807fac48fe577d2  Seat Heaters Installed

Unclip the airbag and seatbelt sensors:
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Remove the seat and have your buddy sit in the car looking goofy:
fa92c4e76078d91cca2dd26e229e9d91  Seat Heaters Installed

Move the seats to a warm place where you can remove the ~15 hog-type clips that hold the seat covers in place:
59f9d1cde565152271b69d4ab75c7259  Seat Heaters Installed

c9f7d9c27a73c70bd5f46e68bf1089a6  Seat Heaters Installed

Remove the bottom cushion altogether in order to remove the bottom seat cover:
ab4361ea83ed0e820e77eadab79cc4da  Seat Heaters Installed

(I forgot to take pics for these sections): Proceed to install the seat heater kit, using the supplied adhesive tape. Put the seat covers back on (use zip-ties so you don’t have to mess with the hog clips), and re-install the seats.

Wire the heaters through the carpeting to the center console, past the shifter, and up to the back of the cigarette lighter plug.

Drill holes for the switches in the center console area (this is the step that required the most thought, and unfortunately the switches did not align as well as I had hoped…)

Enjoy the finished product, especially on those frigid winter mornings!
149f549875c56186aa3828281c50f1ae  Seat Heaters Installed

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