TPR CAI Install

Socket Wrench
10 MM Socket
6 inch socket extension
Philips head screwdriver
Flat head screw driver

ok now on to the installation

REMOVING THE STOCK AIR BOX (skip if already removed)

Step 1: disconnect the ECU fuse in the main fuse box to reset the ecu.

839963009933e13bfcac42003af68a70  TPR CAI Install

Step 2: heres your engine bay with the stock box:

8a1de7053112b1891e2b0cc785cb5cad  TPR CAI Install

Remove the two screws that hold the stock box in place and loosen the two clamps on the stock box hose. The screw locations are pointed out for u.

Here is a close up of the second screw.

580b8293e7b08cdc013d3706fbdc7946  TPR CAI Install

once those are removed, unclip the MAF and pull the stock box out. Remove the ECU tube as well.

Plug up the butterfly valve stem with the supplied vinyl cap like so

835b93aec8117fb0ac70b1b8cfe636dc  TPR CAI Install

Step 3: use the long wierdly bent hose to relocate the Vacuum Switching Valve for Canister Closed Valve to the little bracket that holds the small fuse box next to the the driver side headlight. Attach the supplied breather filter to the end of the actuator.

5ea0124e10a19b50053863da345e9ac6  TPR CAI Install

step 4: Remove stock bumper

Step 5: Cut a small portion of the driver side wheel well plastics to allow room for the pipe to go thru.

69797abec00ac424790f6e6efd45ddf9  TPR CAI Install

Step 6: Use the coupler with sleeve to attach the two pipes together. make sure u push the pipes all the way in till they meet each other. Install the MAFS into the TPR intake

58c151e2b77a7965e97c89d52be8616c  TPR CAI Install

Step 7: Install the remaing coupler on the throttle body and maneuver the pipe in the engine bay. Stick the car in 5th and make sure the piping clears the linkage and lines up with the mounting bracket hole. once everything is clear tighten the bracket down and the throttle body coupler.

24410c607b01e5bbecbb0b14647c0c6a  TPR CAI Install

23d0a27f17eb5b44c4b1c7de12356be4  TPR CAI Install

Step 8: Install the filter on the pipe

69beb5e0f0576d4d8a4420ae49776c8c  TPR CAI Install

Step 9: Plug in the ECU fuse and put on your font bumper

Start the car and let it idle for a couple minutes then take it around the block a couple times revving thru out the entire RPM band. full ecu adapting should occur after about 50 miles.

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