pedal "fix" on my XRS

Well, with all this pedal talk, Denso pedals, CTS pedals, this that and the other thing, I decided that the best course of action was something different.
The 07-10 Camry and the 09-10 Corolla share the same CTS and/or Denso pedals (78110-07011 & 78110-33020, respectively). On 2007-2009 Camry SE models here in Canada, they were equipped [...]

Turn your stock intake into CAI/partial ram air DIY

what my setup was, k&n with cold air feed.

my aftermarket tube(you can use stock tube it comes with)
this is the part that actually requires something aftermarket, you need a hose clamp after you pull out the wierd tube thingy you’ll need a flat head to seperate the plastic part from the spongy tube.(its glued)

tube [...]

Light setup pictures

Mtec superwhite halogen low beam and nokya hyper yellow fog.

Philips HIR 3rd Gen Bulbs & Noyka 2500k Fogs

Low beams only…….

ddm 6k lows and fogs

Stock fogs (left/passenger) vs Nokya S1 2500K Hyper Yellow fog (right/driver)

Stock low beams (left/passenger) vs Philips Crystal Vision Ultra Headlights (right/driver)

my house lights were on and i didnt know how to shut [...]

Lowering Spring FAQ and Pictures

1) Q) “Will lowering springs affect the ride quality?”
. A) Yes! Altering the stock suspension in any way will always change the way it feels. There are two different ways to lower your corolla: Springs and coil overs.
. Springs: Most lowering spring for the 09+ corolla [...]