2009 Corolla Radio Removal

I recently replaced the stereo in my Corolla using the Scosche kit and thought I’d post a few picks in case you’re planning on doing this yourself. Obviously, these pics are for entertainment purposes only so if you destroy your car I can’t be held responsible.

Step 1 is to remove the trim around the console down by the shifter. This is removed by simply prying upwards with a trim removal tool. This is what the console looks like once the trim piece is removed:

This is what the trim piece looks like once removed:

48f20050d9484c0eb7d0e3b260ebabb8  2009 Corolla Radio Removal

Next remove the trim pieces above the ones you just removed. They pull straight out:

Once both of these trim pieces are removed you can pull out the vent cluster. It pulls straight out:

bde012c10e92a1e9ddb0839defd09be2  2009 Corolla Radio Removal

Now you have access to the four 10mm bolts holding in the stock radio. Simply remove the four bolts and the radio slides right out:

4ec943b8e5f36153ab4e8ace0edb264c  2009 Corolla Radio Removal

Here is the new radio installed in the dash. The new radio installs kinda weird in that the dash kit actually goes on around the new radio instead of being installed as one piece.

e99a7a25bc0d3529e83c6852d350e0d0  2009 Corolla Radio Removal

Here it is with the dash kit installed. It just snaps on and then the rest of the install is just a reversal of what you did to remove it. Note that in this pic I have the two upper side trim pieces installed but not the lowers yet:

b37718db0c225fcd4613ddea8540d3c5  2009 Corolla Radio Removal

That’s pretty much it. If you have your new radio already connected to a factory harness it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to install it. It’s very very easy.


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