AC Air Filter Change

It’s purpose is to filter out any particles from entering your cars interior when you turn on the fan.

Tools: Phillips Screw Driver (Stubby)
Parts: AC Filter (Cabin Air Filter) $15-$30
Time: 5 min


Get in the front passengers seat and open the glove box. There is a screw on the right side of the glove box near the bottom. Take the screw out with the phillips screw driver, you’ll need the door open (don’t loose the screw).

Screw almost out
35b627f8aef19f102a16621abb51f9b9  AC Air Filter Change

Screw out showing more of the glove box
f907a3c81de063cc24d912de95613313  AC Air Filter Change

With the screw taken out slip the holder (<-lack of better term) off the peg. Open the glove box as wide as it will go. Lift up on the glove box (I jiggled mine while lifting) it should pop out its hinges on the bottom.

Now that you’ve taken the glove box out you will see this
fe73961b108f61c4cd30570f8cf23f44  AC Air Filter Change

The AC Air Filter is housed where the black rectangular box with the clips on the left and right. Push the right and left clips in and remove the cover plate.

There is your AC Air (/Cabin Air) Filter!
984baf32d6167432df0c31fd27a0c425  AC Air Filter Change

Remove it and replace it if it’s dirty.

Here’s mine at 90,000KMs (56,250 Miles).
1c916a831076e50393ee6b54c946d88d  AC Air Filter Change

I don’t think it’s ever been replaced . Because of the bad lighting I put some clean napkins to give a better idea. When I put the new filter in there was noticable difference in power and flow from the vents than from the old dirty one.

Reverse the instructions to put it back together. The new filter will have an arrow point up for reference (or atleast it should).


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