A/C Drain Line Fix

I noticed that the air conditioning drain line on my ‘07 LE is awfully short, and it ends about 6″ directly above an unpainted bracket retaining two power steering hoses. As the car sits and the A/C system drains, the water drips directly down and onto that bracket. The dealer said that was the design and there was nothing they could do about it. So I figured I’d fix it myself. And my car is only 2 years old and lived in the south its whole life. So I’ve got to know that others have this same deal.

Parts required:

  • 12″ of 5/8″ standard rubber heater hose
  • 1 hose clamp for a 5/8″ hose
  • 1 zip tie if desired
  • 1 spray can of rust-converting paint

Tools required:

  • Flathead screwdriver or socket driver to tighten hose clamp
  • Ramps or jack stands to be able to slide all the way under the car


You can see the “before” state in the picture here:

de1d0564767731043541720e27b888a5  A/C Drain Line Fix

Safely raise the car and slide under. All the way under. When you get to where you’re looking straight up at the first catalytic converter, you’ll see the short stubby drain line to your right. Slide the 5/8″ heater hose over the drain line and tighten the clamp down. Tighten it pretty hard because the drain line itself is soft and will conform to the heater hose (and it’ll slip out unless you have it tight).

Now, zip tie your new hose to something down there to keep it somewhat stable. I zip tied mine to one of the small rigid power steering lines. You can see that in the picture below:

39ec09adac87ac574d164f1381fb64ac  A/C Drain Line Fix

Finally, get under the car again and trim the length of the line so it extends JUST beyond the lower crossmember there, as in photo 3:

7bdc8ce20475df885b4e2faed3bfba91  A/C Drain Line Fix

Done. Now, I plan to hit that bracket with some of that rust converting spray paint, just to keep it from continuing to rust.


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