Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes

Hello everyone. I just did a Rear Disc conversion and didn’t find a DIY for adjusting the parking brake at the rear DISC brakes so here goes nothing.

I will say that to adjust the tightness of the e-brake handle, you should first adjust at the back wheels. If the handle is still too high and not tight enough, THEN you can adjust the handle itself using the other DIY guide (this involves taking the center console off)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you can adjust the e-brakes without taking off the caliper and disc. You just safely jack up the car and take off the wheel and then you take off the rubber cover that is on the disc.

The rest of this DIY (after the 2nd picture) is for those of us that are curious as to what is inside the disc and what parts you’re actually adjusting.

68f104bc1441da45383c4356fbb53b76  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes

You move the disc around until you align the hole in the disc with the star/cross wheel inside, which is on the bottom of the disc. You might need to use a flashlight to see inside if there is no direct sunlight. Then you stick a screwdriver into the hole and move the star/cross wheel in the disc to adjust the e-brake shoes inside.

2869ba5d693b51e011bcc78b5032c765  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes

What you’ll need:

14mm socket and ratchet OR 14mm wrench (to take off the caliper)
Jack and jack stands to safely lift car

1. Safely jack up your car and put a jack stand and take off the wheel.
941ddb3697c8e4592d00326dcd46c0c1  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes
2. You’ll need to take the caliper off because you will be taking your disc off and on to adjust the parking brake. We won’t need the caliper.
9c1e387648544a221d87b0f16397474d  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes
3. Use a 14mm wrench or socket/ratchet to remove the 2 bolts that hold the caliper to the backing plate. The correct bolts are the ones that have the rubber covers. In the red box in the picture you will see a bracket that is part of the old DRUM brake line. So, if you have done a rear disc conversion, you have to use a wrench to remove this bolt because there is no room for a ratchet/socket. The bracket is welded on to the frame so there is no removing unless you cut it off. If you’re lucky and have an XRS, then this bracket will not be there because XRS never had DRUM brake lines.
512d13b31b9434979f3f13df1dfd35f0  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes
4. Once you take the bolts off, rest the caliper inside the frame(?) of the car so that it won’t be hanging just by the brake line. You won’t need the caliper to adjust. Now there is nothing holding onto the disc so you can just slip the disc right off. If it’s rusted on and you can’t take it off by hand, then you can take a hammer and lightly hit the part with the studs (where the yellow letters are that say celica rr in the 1st picture), not the shiny disc part which is the outermost edge, or you’ll ruin the disc.
caf4c0b8a0ee4119891afa3c5b7a23e7  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes
5. Once the disc is off, below the hub you’ll see this adjusting cross and a black spring above it. The spring above it keeps the star in place and prevents it from moving on its own.
e3cfe2616d58d6a820fac0f27076e173  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes
6. When you move the cross with your fingers it will either expand the brake shoes outward away from each other or let the many springs pull the shoes inward toward each other. In my car on the driver’s side wheel, I moved it downward and on the passenger’s side I moved it upward to make them expand outwards.
93918139dfc586ee974b2830e17bc097  Adjust e-brake on rear DISC brakes

A good setting will be when the disc goes on easily and comes off kind of snug, with a little bit of resistance. When that happens, I would put the disc on and pull the e-brake handle up and down a couple of times to make sure the brake shoes get seated right at their positions. Then take the disc off and if it comes off with no resistance, try another click.

Take it 1 click at a time and then put the disc on, give the disc a spin by hand, and take it off. For me, 1 click was the difference between being able to take the disc off easily and then not. If you click it too far, the disc might slip on easily but you might not be able to take it off again so easily. If that happens, then you’ll have to take the rubber cover off of the disc and move the star/cross wheel to loosen as shown in the 2nd picture above.

Once you adjust one side, put the disc back on, bolt on the caliper and put the wheel back on. Then move on to the other side.

IMPORTANT Once you adjust both sides, test it out. On an empty street where there are no people or cars, drive in a straight line at about 20-25mph and then gently pull the e-brake handle up without touching the brake pedal. You want to see if the car will stop in a straight line. You’re testing if the emergency brakes engage both back wheels equally. If one side is adjusted more than the other than your car will veer to that side if you pull the e-brake. This can be dangerous if you’re brakes ever go out and you NEED to use your e-brakes because the car will not brake in a straight line. Test and then make adjustments if necessary

I hope I made this understandable and clear. I hope this helps someone. Thanks for reading!

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