Aftermarket Fog light Installation

You will need to identify the ballast, power wire, switch, and activation wire (the wire you connect to your lights so the fogs turn on whey they do). Set aside a couple of hours just so you are not trying to rush through this and mess something up.

1. Identify where you are going to put your fog lights. This is easy as the Corolla has 2 nice OEM fog housing for you to work with.

2. Look over your engine bay carefully and just sort of lay out your wiring harness to get a feel for where everything will go. Power wire to battery, ballast placement, fog wiring to where the fogs go, etc. Wiring harnesses will be different by manufacturer so if you cannot figure this part out on your own then you should stop now and take it to a professional (or DIY friend) and let them do it. This is the most important step because this is the point of no return.

3. Mount your ballast. Here is where I mounted mine. Do not connect the power wire. Save that for later for obvious safety reasons.

This is just to the left of the battery on my car.

4. Run your fog wiring to where the fogs will go. Use common sense and do not place the wiring near any moving parts (IE radiator fan, engine mounts, belts, etc). Mine was easy. The left fog (fog1) is directly below my ballast.

For my right fog (fog2) I ran the wiring along the bottom front of my engine bay underneat the radiator.

5. Mount your switch. This is the part that goes inside the cabin of your car. It allows you to turn on/off your fogs regardless if your lights are on or not (yes, this should be very obvious but I am stating it none the less). Where and how you mount it is up to you, but this is where I mounted mine:

When the coin tray is closed it is invisible and out of the way. Just the way I like it.

Now you will have to run the switch wiring to the engine bay. This is by far the most difficult part as you will have to contort yourself under your dash on the driver’s side and push the wiring through the firewall. Here is where it is located in the engine bay:

Here is where it is located under your dash (from the floor looking up):

Have fun with this part…I know I didn’t.

6. Connecting the light activation wire. This is the wire that will turn on/off your fogs when you turn on/off your lights. I have mine connected so that when I turn on my running lights my fogs will activate. To do this you will need a wire connector. On the passenger side light housing find the GREEN wire directly into the housing (show here):

Splice your activation wire to the green wire. As seen in the picture I used a simple folding wire splicer. Easy and clean.

7. Testing time. Hook your fogs to the harness and then carefully connect the power wire to the positive terminal of the battery.

Make sure the fog switch is in the ON position and then turn on your running lights. Your new fogs should light up light Christmas. If not, recheck your fog switch, make sure your power connection is solid, and the harness is connected to the fogs securely. In my case, I also have a fuse. I would check that too if yours does.

8. Once everthing is working nicely, turn off the fogs and disconnect the lights from the harness. Go over your wiring and wire tie everything down in secure, out of the way locations. Once that is complete all you should have left to do is mount your fogs and then reconnect them to the harness. And that is how you install aftermarket fog lights in your Corolla.


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