bumper replaced

10mm deep socket + ratchet
anything to take off clips(i used my swiss knife)
bumper parts

Use caution and wear gloves and safety glasses

i slit my finger by using the can opener of the swiss knife

my old bumper

Removing the bumper
open the trunk then unclip the black part thingy covering the latch, remove all four clips. then pull out the whole black thingy. her’s 1, theres 4 of them

then remove the lining in the trunk. i just removed three clips then folded the lining inwards

unscrew the four nuts using the 10mm deep socket. there are four of them 2 in the middle and 1 on both sides

Unclip two clips in the wheet well one at the bottom and one on the top. the one on the top will expose the screw in the bumper.forgot to take the picture on the top because this is the time i cut my self. Use the 100mm socet to remove the screw.

Remove the clips under the spare wheel well. theres 2 of them.

Pull off the bumper carefully from both sides first then pull it backwards from the rear. The bumper absorber will just fall off.

Remove the metal pipe in the midle of the bumperabsorber then transfer it to the new bumper absorber.

Installing the new bumper

Then i prepared the parts to be installed.

Before installing attach all the long screws onto the bumper.

(you can also see the clips that holds the spoilers. to remove the spilers just remove the white clips and pop out the spoilers do the reverse to install the spoilers)

to start the installation place the bumper absorber on the bumper reinforcement there are two bumps on the back of the absorber that will hold it in place on the reinforcement.
then align the four long screws thru its designated holes. slightly thread the nuts onto the screws. because it can be adjusted to align the whole bumper.

Clip on the side of the bumpers then screw on the ends.

Tighten the four nuts and screw. then replace the rest of the clips in the wheel well. To make it easier to put the clip on the bottom of the wheel well remove the square clip beside it then clip the bumper then the square clip back.

Dont forget the clips under the spare tire

. Then im done here are a few pics of the finished product.

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