Ok, take it easy on me, this is my first DIY, I hope it helps. I am a one piece CAI.

****Do this DIY at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damages your may encounter while doing this DIY.

I am going to start by showing off my beautiful SC
e3845bea6b86aadee5679ce92a9ed8e8  CAI on SC

What you need:
1. Beer or something to drink
2. 10mm and 12mm socket and wrench, 1/4 or 3/8 drive.
3. Flat head screw driver.
4. Two 90* tubings or an S bend CAI tube.
5. Die grinder or similar with a cutting disk.
6. 220 grit sand paper.
7. Stock trd air filter tube, or similar.
8. box knife.
9. Zip ties.
10. Soap.

Here are the two 90* tubes.aa1bae56dcc1c49cfebf8fb43b398515  CAI on SC

Next, you need to cut your CAI on the engine side. Take a $1 bill and look at the big letter ‘L’…cut that distance….Its 1.5″ Why a dollar you ask…I looked for 10min and couldnt even find a ruler. I will fix this later, I know ppl need this asap.
e03addebbfeda189ad17b300ef29b929  CAI on SC

This is what was left afterwards…You want to sand both of the metal pieces smooth. Keep the piece you cut, you will need it later.
e50330201df752772ffd3312d36779ab  CAI on SC

Now you need to cut some tubing from the stock tube. I will eventually replace this with something that flows better, as well as matching 90* bends. The end that is connected to the CAI is the end of the tubing that connected with the stock air box. (The end that connected to the throttle body is too small).340a985072ba250cdb0f8513324433c1  CAI on SC

Shave off the knob that helped support…I think it was part of the MAF.
5f10ef452ae8e14aa19efbc9347d9091  CAI on SC

Behind the bumper (in wheel well) where the filter sits, is a box thing that needs to be removed. My pen is pointing to where is used to be. You will see it when you get down there. Remove it, and relocate it…
3bebf966a42bf0bc7bb51caf0740f1c1  CAI on SC

…I just zip tied it to some holes on the bumper…its for the fog lights.
781d600a5bf008cdff922393d8460a8f  CAI on SC

Another Pic, as you can see, its near the frame rail thing…I like to use techincal terms
d71eea047234062f8205219682f79246  CAI on SC

Next you want to put the TRD hose on the CAI. Like I said the side from the box needs to connect to the CAI. Now with that piece you cut off you must put half of it in the TRD hose…this will be a b*tch, I used soap. Once on, clamp it down , and install the CAI. Once its in, move the TRD hose on the CAI end to make the filter fit. It may be a tight fit, but I got it to fit without touching. You may need to zip tie it up to keep filter from hitting fog light. I needed it the first time, after doing DIY, I didnt need to. As you can see CAI doesnt fit perfectly. Also, you can see where I loosely zip tied the filter.
1d05d89836a38bc8cf15cf6855193e48  CAI on SC

Next, connect the ‘S’ tubes to throttle, then the CAI to the tubes. This will be a tight fit, but it will fit.
48f45ab5e3cadac650be0ab637b1f15e  CAI on SC
Mine was rubbing on the body, so I put a old piece of rubber from my first CAI around the CAI where it was hitting.
a5746edaac6aa95d5c55d478757740c9  CAI on SC

This is how it should look, now remember, I am a one piece CAI, if you are two piece you might fit a little better, or have a little more play room. This is what it should look like.
3bb0cf3cc59247278711475eddd18225  CAI on SC

Dont forget to connect batt. all hoses, and MAF.
4485db818a8a7a46f4c63c29e4986d67  CAI on SC


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