Changing License Plate Bulbs

1. open your trunk and remove those black plastic circular clips holding the trunk liner. just place them on the floor of your trunk together so you know where they are … they are very easy to lose so make sure you keep track of them! you really don’t have to remove them all though; i just removed the top portions so that i can get access to the bulbs.

2. once you get the top clips out, you should be able to push down on the liner to see the inner left and right sides of your trunk lid. the bulb holders (sockets) locations are indicated below.

3. get hold of the bulb socket and twist to unlock it from the license plate plastic container. it may be a bit tough to remove at first and this may require a bit of strength to twist it. you can only twist it one way so twist the entire socket so that it unlocks then pull it down carefully from the hole.

4. remove the stock 194 bulb with a tissue or napkin by just pulling it out of the socket. it’s recommended not to use your hands as you may stain the bulb from your fingers (and that may cause damage to the bulb later on). after removal, the socket should be empty:

5. replace the bulb with your new one by putting it back in the same socket. again, use a tissue or napkin when putting it back in. make sure you get the bulb in all the way so all contacts are touching.

6. repeat for the other side.

7. DO NOT replace the sockets with the new bulbs back into its plastic license plate holder just yet. first, check to see if the bulbs work by just turning your parking lights on.

8. if everything is good, lock each socket back into the hole openings of the plastic license plate holders.

9. put the plastic clips back into the trunk lid liner.

…and you’re done!

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