Clean and Reoil Air Filter

This DIY was done using a K&N filter with K&N products. The process should be the same for all filters, EXCEPT for the dry flow filters in which case you should use this DIY. If you have a different filter use whatever products they recommend that you use.

Items needed:
- Dirty Air Filter
- Air Filter Cleaner
- Air Filter Oil

67de94a30c9015102ff286895474b01a  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

1. Remove dirty filter from intake.

2. Spray cleaner on both sides of filter until it completely saturates the material. Allow cleaner to soak into both sides of filter for at least 10 minutes to loosen dirt. DO NOT LET CLEANER DRY ON FILTER!!!

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e7c940904ca259353d4220668a87cb90  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

c5b219c796ddff1e43a2a65190004a5a  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

3. Rinse off the filter with cool water. Use only low pressure water. Run the water from the inside out to allow the dirt to leave the filter rather than get pushed further inside. Run water from the inside running up and down the pleats. Completely rinse the filter until all traces of the cleaner is gone.

648520f3c47f8b8b94d863c0d77da364  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

934b6cf0cdc48b3c4f7e107a93f1295c  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

If filter was very dirty you may need to repeat Steps 2 and 3 until filter is clean. (I had to do this process twice on mine).

If there are still small spots of dirt on the filter just spray each spot with cleaner, allow a few minutes to soak and re-rinse. You do not have to remove every single little piece of dirt. Only use this method to clean off debris, if you use anything else you could damage the filter.

149f9f0adf30afaa2b3db5eeacb58710  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

4. After rinsing, gently shake off excess water. Allow filter to dry naturally. DO NOT OIL UNTIL FILTER IS COMPLETELY DRY!!!

5. Apply oil to filter sparingly to the outside of the filter only. Over oiling may interfere with the performance of the filter. It could also lead you to having to replace the MAF. It is better to have to apply several lighter coats of oil than 1 or 2 heavy ones.

81ab733dc325b3d11ae8ecbb0d09465c  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

6. Wait 20 minutes for the oil to be absorbed into the filter. Inspect the filter, if there are any areas that are lighter than others reapply like before to that area.

7bd173f292f61dccd302004baef98242  Clean and Reoil Air Filter

If there is oil draining or dripping from the filter after 20 minutes you have over oiled it. If you over oiled it you must re-service the filter starting at Step 2.

7. Reinstall filter back on to intake. Take for a test drive.

If CEL comes on, check intake and ensure that you put everything back on properly. If it was re-installed properly, then you may have over oiled it. Clean your MAF sensor. Disconnect battery for 30 minutes then reconnect. If CEL comes back on get it read, you may have to re-service the filter.


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