Clean engine bay

Use common sense when doing this, do not stand dousing your fuse box or MAF with the hose. I am not responsible for any problems or issues, by reading this you have freed me from any legal responsibility.

Make sure your engine is cold, do not do this on a hot engine after driving 9328302948230 miles!

BTW I will fix this and add more pics/details when it is warmer! This should be good enough to get you by.

What you need!
Water hose
Foil and plastic bags.
Car wash soap solution mixed in bottle/ APC mixed in bottle or OTC engine degreaser (depends on how dirty it is)
Wash mitt/microfibers/brush (make sure you do not use your good stuff, I have a seperate set for wheels and engine)
Vinyl/Trim detailer (Meguiars, Mothers, Armor All, 303, etc etc)

Polish and Wax.

Cover the electricals (you do not always need to do this, I do this on some cars).

Spray the engine with water, try not to drown the engine in water haha or keep the hose for too long in one area. I just keep it moving and avoid problem electric areas.

I then grab a spray bottle and make up a mixture of the All purpose cleaner or car soap.

Spray all the main problem areas and the rest of the bay. Agitate the grime/oil (all I have is salt from winters) with a brush.

Keep a bucket with the same solution(more diluted though), use my “engine washmit or microfibers”(I only use these on engine or wheels).

Rinse the engine bay down with water, once again not drowning the engine and keeping the hose moving.

Dry with microfiber and my blower. (blower optional).

Remove foil and plastic from intake(DO NOT FORGET PLASTIC ON THE FILTER!!!! haha)

Continue wiping dry, start engine and let it run. I then go on to detail the rest of the car.

I then come back and use whatever it is (Aerospace 303 protectant, Meguiars, etc etc).

I spray and then wipe on all plastic parts and hoses.

*Optional but I do it!*
I then proceed to polish the engine bay and strut bar and then wax them. This makes me seem anal, but whatever haha… PLUS it will make it easier to clean it next time and prevent rust!.

Step back and enjoy the new looking engine bay!

As mentioned, key is to keep water moving, do not stop and talk to people while holding the hose on your fuse box haha. Be smart!

I do not spray anything on the belts (ie armor all).

Before, covered everything with foil and air filter with plastic.
7a526ce3033fc9586e4e5b567b6c591f  Clean engine bay

57776df15e3106ecbea0cf3b674ec063  Clean engine bay

f211b4c03ce52b4f1cd42a89c17ea8dd  Clean engine bay

Andddddddd the afters

a02b5b35fe8a7ddc40e40f45d92092e7  Clean engine bay

396d29653421c99e3b662d593543c1ef  Clean engine bay


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