Cleaning your MAF Sensor

Notice: This MAF sensor is pretty sensitive, handle it with care, and careful with how you clean the actual wire. not paying attention could force you to buy a new one, and its not so cheap. rather save that money for that drop you’ve been promising us for some months.


Why you should do this: Some of you have intakes, and those intakes, in order to be kept clean, you have to oil the filter. That oil gets in the intake itself, and sometimes gets onto the metal wire that is the sensor. that or the filter itself sucks, and it doesnt filter too well, so it gets dirty either way.

By doing this cleaning procedure, you should be able to get rid of some running lean codes, such as P0141. This is why i tried it, but it did not help me.

Now, enough jib jab, time for the DiY!

1. Locate the intake. Its on the right side of the engine bay.
3867c3ab94d954e049cb9b0836e84f2e  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

2. On the intake, you will see the MAF sensor. this is a little black plastic thing. It is here:
3e8fa3e1f1fce6c517fa3623540d11ea  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

3. Now, with a crossed head screw driver, unscrew these two screws shown in the pic above. Careful as to not drop any of them in the engine bay, as they are tiny.
3a60c7f7e23cf09cdbce207f199a3570  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

4. Tada! the MAF is out! Now to disconnect it from the wires, just press the clip on the back of it, and pull it out. It should be fairly easy.

3a07f4cc069bcdd88100c9e171618c48  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

5. Now, the cleaning. There are different ways of cleaning it. I did it using Q Tips( the ones that make you orgasm when you put them in your ear) and Rubbing Alcohol. You can also use MAF Cleaner, or brake cleaner, but its more messy.

If using the canned cleaners, juts spray the MAF from a little distance aways, and then let it dry.

6. Using a q Tip, just dip the Q tip into the rubbing alcohol and then proceed to rub it up and down the metal pole in the sensor. (stop giggling. no homo). As seen in the pics.

2f9fb10a217b614d0091f88a1891c4e3  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

050bf26bc0bfa1ca57c803b875fafd49  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

7. Now, hopefully the sensor is clean. like so:

b4fb4ad1cb1ff533571d5fae5d0bc83a  Cleaning your MAF Sensor

8. Now proceed to put the sensor back into the harness, until it clicks back into place.

Isn’t it pretty?

9. Now put it back into the hole and screw it in. It’s as simple as that.

Timewise, this should take you about as much as it did to read this thread. Seriously.


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