Create your own Cabin Filter

$35 bucks at the dealer is a turn off so i when to home depot and spent $10 to make 4 cabin filter.

materials needed:

Household Furnace Air Filter any brand, perferable 3M Air Filter (in the red bag)
Something to cut with, scissors
marker or something you can see where you mark

so i went down to home depot today just to shop and remember i needed a new cabin filter for the corolla. i remember reading this off the acura forum awhile back. so this is what you do.

grab you old cabin filter and place it on top of the new air filter which you will be cutting. use the old filter as a templete to make the new filter to size.
c5f815044c4c518152218726b6a2e6ce  Create your own Cabin Filter

after you mark the area, just cut away. the thing is that you need to have the cardboard in the area you mark too. this is what holds the element. so what i’m trying to say is start from edge to edge. do not start where the filter element is.
62becbb8d6b4231d8aabd483cdc08892  Create your own Cabin Filter

it will deform a bit if your cutting with scissors but you can reshape it later. after you cut it out, the wire will be facing up when you place it back in the housing. and thats it.
9adfdfd64a5a45bb315ffffd13d3785d  Create your own Cabin Filter
cc7b24f5e17afd695ffa72c18a1196f0  Create your own Cabin Filter
f1df2954a3ecdcb2fb069cd20704fe49  Create your own Cabin Filter

all i’d paid for is $10 for a pretty big filter, you could go bigger to make 4 maybe 6 filter at the same price. the 3m air filter is a 3 month filter so i dont have to worry about it for awhile. air flow is still the same. but this will filter a lot better than the oem filter. it should be alot more healther for you guys.
the reason why i chose the 3m red brand is because thats what the acura forum recommended and because if you do get the 3m purple brand its like the same material as oem but cutting it might be a nightmare because it might crumpple to pieces when cutting.


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