Disabling the DRL's

See that….now get on your back and put your head by the Gas and the brake

6d4f6a0789f7ee646f1b77da091983a1  Disabling the DRL's

If you look to your left you will see this……dont touch them They are really really hot (A/C pipes)

4383f428d96bc611266ac124b0bbb4b9  Disabling the DRL's

Look for this

abf5391920dd4ad73be7fdab270cd4dc  Disabling the DRL's

turn it to the side and you will see

6983b93f81df3fdfd61ec7869c14bc94  Disabling the DRL's

Now find the yellow wire (its kinda light yellow but ether way the only yellow one that comes out that box)

b5d34112fcf8096ee7a8823cfa6fab51  Disabling the DRL's

Now make sure you cut it so you have some to play with (as you can See I grounded the wrong end of the wire at 1st then fixed it)

Side note if you ground the wrong end your batt. light will come on.(Ground the end that comes out of the DRL box)

c00b5077d842930361cd3673fb18c839  Disabling the DRL's

I grounded it here because Its eazy to screw in.

I was able to fit both hands in there (PEACE)

13a64325d8477e49204093ca894c5d84  Disabling the DRL's

Disclamer : If you do this and Fuck it up its not my problem it worked on my 03 corolla. As Far as I know it has been know to be the same on 05 corollas as well.

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