Disabling VSC (for Track purposes only)

Here’s a quick DIY for disabling the VSC. Normally if you push the little button that turns it off, it will only stay off until you reach 32 MPH or so. Doing this will turn it off no matter how fast you are going. Here’s what to do…

1)Pull the E-brake
2)Start the car
3)Push and release the brake twice then push once more and hold the brake
4)While holding the brake pedal, Release the e-brake and pull it twice then pull it once more and leave it engaged
5)Then release the brake and press the brake three times
6)The light on your dash should come on telling you the VSC is turned off
7)Enjoy not having a computer controlling your brakes!

A couple notes:

-The VSC cannot be re-enabled until you turn the car off then back on. Pushing the button will do nothing.

-Again the computer will not control your brakes so make sure you understand that if you brake hard your car will be more prone to sliding/losing control

-I take no responsibility for what you do to your car/if it break/if it cheats on you/nothing okay!

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