DRL mod from low to high beam

What you will need:

2 30A Relays
A New aftermarket DRL module (I went with the Designtech #20013)
Some time

Ok first what I did is take the two relays and hooked them up as the following picture…. so that when the factory DRL module turns on the DRL lights the relay is in the open position as to not let them turn on, and when the DRL module turn on the twilights the parking light kick on it kicks the relays in the closed position so you have the full voltage coming through… Ideal for HID conversions where you still want the auto light feature which I love…..

69a218fe198792d0225e514a718eda88  DRL mod from low to high beam

And now for the high beam DRL I went with the Designtech module number 20013 and this is where I bought it from…


Now I hooked this up a little different than specified in the manual because I am a picky bastard and want everything the way I want it lol….

But here are the wires on that module…

Red – fused 12v
Orange – High Beam output
White – Low beam shut off wire
Blue – Ignition

Ok now that is what they call for this is what I did and I will explain why I did that…

Red – 12v fused
Orange – output side of high beam relay
White – low beam wire next to bulb (make sure u hook this wire up right next to the bulb otherwise it may mess up what I did to customize this)
Blue – hooked it up to the low beam fuse in the fusebox so that the DRL module senses the the factory DRL module turning on the DRL lights as the ignition, and the reason I did this is because I didnt want the aftermarket DRL module to come on untill I put the ebrake down…

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