Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

First off… I purchased the Energy Suspension Motor Mounts from . They are very friendly and helpful. A few people on 9th gen and have bought from them.

There are two types of inserts…. one is regular poly(red) and the other(black) is laced with graphite which works as lubricant. I used the black.

This project is not as hard as some have made it out to be. But if you have never installed anything on your car before, just get someone with some experience to help out.

This is some stuff you may need.

You will definetely need a jack, a 14mm deep socket, a 17 mm socket, and some(maybe 4) extensions. Oh and redbull. Another person is a big help too.

Jack that bad boy up and put it on some stands.

eed277df606068fa246438e8cf3fe744  Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

After taking off the front drivers side wheel, you will see the bolt that goes through the center of the mount……….

Support the tranny slightly so it doesn’t move on you too much.

You will need a long extension(2ft maybe?) to reach the bolt. Remove it.

These nuts and the one bolt will be removed….
a822d42ca116f65b46145e243ea96fe9  Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

After removing all the bolts/nuts, you will be able to move the mount around a bit to get things done…………. First remove the dust cover………..

Then, put the inserts in. The thick insert goes on the DRIVERS SIDE!! And the thin goes on the PASSENGER SIDE!!! The other DIY about ES inserts has it BACKWARDS. Turn them until they slide in(not easy). I had Joshua Maximum put the drivers side in from the wheel well while I held up the mount from under the car. Then just start to line everything back up. This is the part that is tedious/sucks. Insert the 14mm bolt and nuts. Do not tighten yet.

You may need to jack up the tranny a bit/toggle the mount to line it up. Then insert the bolt.

(view from the wheel well.)

Torque everything to 47ft/lbs.

Now the rear is done…… The front is a piece of cake.

A view of the front mount……..
2ec7b4aa0b100b6fc14e060adc96a89a  Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

Follow the same basic procedure for the front as you did for the back. But with the front, you can remove the entire mount to make it easier. There is a small tab you will need to break off before you put the assembly back in.
1cc82e1a742626e9ff02221cc0c2b094  Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

Torque to 47ft/lbs……..
686b1ce9efa8274af370c19036e28d4b  Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

Double check everything and put your front wheel back on. 76 ft/lbs for the lugs.

You will find that the car is more responsive and just feels better while accelerating. Some people have overplayed the effects of the mounts on both ends. They don’t cause SEVERE vibrations like other people have stated. I didn’t even notice the vibrations at first…. they are there…. just not that significant (IMO). Your car will not be that much faster, but it does feel a lot better. The real use for these is to reduce wheel hop. This is especially useful with the use of an LSD and high horsepower applications.

All-in-all……. it is definetely worth the $32 shipped.

I may have left something out. If I did… please let me know and I will put it in!


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